Saturday, July 29, 2017

Senate votes on ACA repeal; House passes national security legislation

ACA Repeal Attempts

Senate Rejects First ACA Repeal Proposal

Senate blocks proposal to repeal and replace ACA

Senate Republicans turned down their first option to replace ACA

Tom Price: Senate searching for 'lowest common denominator' on ACA repeal

Senate votes down 'clean repeal' of ACA

Single-payer amendment fails 0-57 in Senate

ACA Penalties Repeal Attempt

GOP leader: Senate could pass scaled-down ACA repeal

“Skinny” ACA Repeal Bill Takes Shape

Paul Ryan: We can conference with Senate 'skinny' ACA repeal

Mitch McConnell urges support for skinny repeal

McCain sinks GOP's “skinny repeal” of ACASen. McCain Statement

Conservatives hold out hope on ACA repeal as GOP leaders move to tax reform

Nancy Pelosi says Democrats will support parts of Senate Republicans' failed healthcare plan

House Votes

A modest step forward on cyber policy with DHS bill passage in the House

House votes to assist Capitol Police officers injured in baseball shooting

House passes bill to expand veterans' GI benefits

House votes overwhelmingly to approve new Russia sanctions

House votes to repeal consumer arbitration rule

House votes to kill consumer lawsuit rule

House calls for release of political prisoners in Iran

House avoids floor fight over transgender people in military

GOP fails to pass budget rider to slash energy funding by 10 percent

House Defeats Amendment to Cut One-Third of CBO Staff

House passes $790 billion national security bill, including $1.6 billion for border wall

House votes to authorize intelligence agencies


Russia sanctions bill heads to Trump after Senate approval

Members of Congress

Steve Scalise calls into House whip meeting for first time since shooting

Tennessee House member reveals he has cancer

Scalise released from Washington hospital

House votes to let lawmakers use taxpayer funds for home security

Commitee News

5 takeaways from Jared Kushner's statement for the Senate Intelligence Committee

House panel wants CEOs of Google, Facebook, AT&T to testify on internet rules

House panel approves legislation to speed deployment of self-driving cars

Schedule Outlook

Analysis: Senators Writing Placeholder Defense Money Bill

Trump appeals court nominee wins bipartisan praise

RSC: Budget resolution coming in early September

Rand Paul Wants AUMF Debate With Defense Authorization

Ryan signals readiness to move to tax reform

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