Saturday, July 21, 2018

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

House backs resolution expressing support for ICE

House votes to go to conference on farm bill

House passes measure declaring a carbon tax harmful to economy

Senate Democrats block resolution supporting ICE

US Senate Rejects Resolutions Backing Intelligence on Russian Meddling

Unanimous Senate Resolution Sends Message to Putin

Update: House votes to prevent IRS from punishing churches engaging in politics

Foreign Policy

House may consider new sanctions on Russia: Speaker Ryan

Senators Eye New Russia Sanctions as Trump Defends Putin Summit

Freedom Caucus Finds Silver Lining From Helsinki: At Least It Happened

After Helsinki, Senate GOP Quietly Takes Aim at Russia

Senate to Weigh Large Cuts to Military Aid

Senate rejects Russian interviews of US officials after White House waffles

First Amendment

IRS Ruling on Political Donation Reporting Sets Off Campaign Finance Fight


Republicans Put Immigration Divisions on Hold for ICE Messaging Votes

Deal to fix family separations hits snag in the Senate

Federal Spending

Pro-Life Provisions in Financial Services-related bill

Budget Chairmen Weigh in on Veterans Funding Fight

House Farm Bill Author Stumps for SNAP Work Mandates as Reckoning Approaches

House bill funds $5 billion for wall, adds ICE and Border Patrol agents

Senate to include $1.6 billion for border wall funding


Controversial Trump judicial nominee withdraws

Commerce Policy

House lawmakers agree on bipartisan package on capital markets rule-easing

Social media companies defend filtering practices before Congress

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Say They Don't Censor Conservatives

Lawmakers Scramble to Extend Flood Insurance Before Hurricane Season Peaks

Most GOP Climate Caucus Members Back Anti-Carbon Tax Measure

Health Care Policy

House moves to block DC's penalty on the uninsured

Senate Democrats Likely to Push to Maintain Abortion-Covering Health Insurance Mandate


Joint Budget Committee Will Meet on the Side to Work it Out

House Greets MLB All Star Game Week by Naming Post Office for Harmon Killebrew

Negotiations Over Sexual Harassment Bills Continue, but No Timetable Yet

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