Saturday, September 1, 2018

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Senate confirms Trump nominee Richard Clarida as Fed vice chairman

Senate cuts work week short after nominations deal

John McCain Remembered

McCain Remembered As He Wished: One Who Served Honorably

McCain Remembered in South Asia

Chaplain Honors McCain for Bipartisanship, Courage and Service

What John McCain Didn’t Do

McConnell forming 'gang' to determine how Senate honors McCain

Schumer wants to rename Senate building after John McCain

Move to Rename Building for John McCain Stirs Southern, Party Debates

Tearful Lindsey Graham Mourns McCain in Senate Eulogy

Speaker Ryan's Remarks Honoring Sen. John McCain

VP Pence says John McCain 'served his country honorably'

Obama, Bush Give McCain Presidential Farewell

Schedule of McCain Memorial Events This Weekend

Foreign Policy

Senate Should Honor John McCain By Getting Tougher on Russia, Says Graham


On Immigration, McCain Leaves a Roadmap

Federal Spending

Pentagon Still Faces Possible CR, Even Government Shutdown

Health Care Policy

Ad War Over Drug Prices Goes One Step Forward, Two Questions Back


Appointed Replacement For John McCain Would Serve Until 2020

Republican Lawmaker Likely Leaving Congress Sooner for Court Job

Sen. Joni Ernst, Husband Divorcing

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