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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Congress passes bill rolling back some tariffs

Dems force Senate shutdown to protest Kavanaugh hearing

Senate votes to advance Trump's pick for SEC commissioner

House passes bill that could boost deportation of criminal aliens

Foreign Policy

Senate Quandary: How to Sanction Russia Without Harming Europe


Speaker Ryan, on planned immigration policy, says don't separate families at border

Federal Spending

Just When You Least Expect It — A Congress That (Sort of) Works

Speaker Ryan Appoints Conferees for Defense Funding Package

House Speaker says he has understanding with Trump to fund government

Ryan: Earmarks Discussion Dead for This Congress

Speaker Ryan Appoints Conferees for Third Minibus Package

Agriculture Policy

Another Farm Bill Trouble Spot: Ex-Prisoners Growing Hemp

Technology Policy

House GOP ramps up pressure on Senate to pass self-driving car bill


Jon Kyl to finish out John McCain's term

If Congress Wants More Lions, It’s Time to Change the Habitat

Jim Inhofe named chairman of Senate Armed Services Committee, replacing John McCain

Senate swears in McCain successor Jon Kyl

House and Senate Interns Set to Receive Pay in Legislative Branch Spending Package

Summer Renovations Yield New House Voting System

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