Saturday, December 1, 2018

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Senate advances measure to end military support for Saudis in Yemen

Effort to vote on bill to protect Mueller blocked

Senate passes resolution condemning Russian aggression against Ukraine

Foreign Policy

Senators Grill US Officials on Khashoggi Response

Yemen Tribal Leaders Support US-UN Peace Process


Trade Agreements Are Not the Place to Make Laws on ‘Gender Identity’

Rubio says USMCA would force US to rely on Mexican winter vegetables, 'unacceptable'

Federal Spending

Trump 'Willing' to Shut Government Over Border Wall Funding

Democrats push to expand school lunch to weekends, holidays

'No developments' in the border wall fight with just days before a shutdown threat


Memos to Nobody: Inside the Work of a Neglected Fed Agency

Commerce Policy

With Democrats taking charge of the House, addressing climate change becomes top priority again

Health Care Policy

The GOP Congress Should Use the Lame Duck Session to Take Another Whack at Obamacare


Elijah Cummings won't share Oversight Committee subpoena power with GOP: 'It’s our opportunity'

Moderate group of Democrats backs Nancy Pelosi's bid for speaker after winning rules changes

Pelosi takes big step toward reclaiming U.S. House speaker's job

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