Saturday, December 15, 2018

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Senate confirms Trump's pick to be deputy Treasury secretary

Senate passes farm bill without House-passed food stamp work requirements

Paul Ryan blocks House from taking up Yemen bill

House sends farm bill to Trump without food stamp work requirements

U.S. House calls on Myanmar to release Reuters journalists

Senate votes unanimously to blame Saudi crown prince for Khashoggi murder

House Passes Bipartisan Bill Aimed at Reversing Rising Maternal Mortality Rates

US Senate Votes to End Backing for Saudi War Effort in Yemen

National Security

Adam Smith lays out his defense budget strategy: ‘We can do it for less money’

Homeland Security

Key Senate Republicans open-minded about the military building Trump’s wall


In major shift, Mitch McConnell announces the Senate will vote on criminal justice reform bill

Mitch McConnell says Senate will vote on criminal justice bill before Christmas

Here's what's in the criminal justice reform bill before the Senate

Speaker Ryan Welcomes Progress on Criminal Justice Reform Legislation

Trump calls criminal justice bill 'proud' shared goal of GOP, Democrats

7 crimes that should not qualify for early release

Trump, McConnell take first steps toward criminal justice reform

Commerce Policy

Maxine Waters poised to cause trouble for consumer agency's plan to promote fintech experiments

Agriculture Policy

Congress ends prohibition of industrial hemp

Health Care Policy

Medical Establishment Looks to Crush Liberals on Medicare for All

We Read Democrats’ 8 Plans for Universal Health Care. Here’s How They Work.

Dems Aim to Punt Vote on Obamacare Taxes

Labor Unions not a fan of “Medicare for All”


Joe Manchin elevated to top Democrat on energy committee despite green critics

Republicans are eager for Joe Manchin to rise on energy panel — and not because he supports coal

Hatch warns Senate 'in crisis' in farewell speech

Congress Passes Sexual Harassment Reform

Jon Kyl to resign at end of year, setting up second appointment to McCain seat

Democrat Pelosi agrees to term limits if elected House speaker

Pelosi: 4-Year Maximum in Speaker Post Is 'a Long Time'

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