Saturday, December 22, 2018

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Jeff Flake strikes out: Senate blocks his third push to protect Robert Mueller

Senate votes to make lynching a federal crime

Senate approves historic, bipartisan prison sentencing reform bill

House sends criminal justice reform bill to Trump's desk

House approves $5.7B for border wall

Congress passes bipartisan bill to boost advanced nuclear energy

Congress extends National Flood Insurance Program

Foreign Policy

Sen. Graham: Trump's claim of ISIS defeat is 'fake news,' pulling troops is 'stain' on US

Senator Graham calls for hearings on troops in Syria, Afghanistan

Homeland Security

Homeland Security chief torched by Democratic lawmakers in heated congressional hearing

Tax Policy

Churches, other nonprofits confront parking tax

House passes repeal of tax on churches

Federal Spending

House Republican leaders: Trump will not sign funding bill from Senate

What Happens in a Partial Government Shutdown

Donald Trump defends wall plan and warns of lengthy government shutdown

No. 2 U.S. Senate Republican sees possible spending compromise

Holiday-season Gridlock in DC Brings Partial Federal Closure


Speaker Statement on Secretary Mattis’ Service to Our Country


US Judicial Council Tosses Misconduct Claims Against Kavanaugh

Health Care Policy

Republicans Say Little About Obamacare Ruling

Senate GOP Blocks Bid to Intervene in Obamacare Case


Lamar Alexander to leave Senate after 2020

Democrats jostle over investigations into Trump's finances, Russia ties

Martha McSally, GOP's defeated 2018 Senate candidate, to fill John McCain's Arizona seat

Sen. Martha McSally is the strategic if not satisfying choice

READ: House Republicans release transcript of second James Comey interview

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan delivers his final speech

Full Text: Speaker Ryan's Farewell Address

Paul Ryan leaves with ideals intact, but somewhat unrealized

Ex-U.S. Senate security official jailed for two months for leaks

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