Saturday, January 5, 2019

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record:

Floor Activity Headlines

Senate confirms dozens of stalled Trump nominees hours before the 115th Congress ends

Senate confirms two FCC commissioners, science adviser

Senate throws hundreds of Trump nominees into limbo

Rep. Nancy Pelosi elected speaker of the House

Nancy Pelosi's full speech as she's sworn in as speaker of the House

On Day 1 in power, House Democrats challenge Trump on shutdown

Diversity, climate, debt: Democrats rewrite House rules

House approves new Dem rules package

House Votes to Fund Government, Not Border Wall

House creates panel to 'modernize' Congress

National Security

New Pentagon Leader Shanahan Makes Clear His Focus Is China

Foreign Policy

Top US Senator Upbeat on Syria Troop Withdrawal After Trump Meeting

Second Amendment

The New Push Against the Second Amendment

Homeland Security

Lindsey Graham: 'There will never be a deal without wall funding'

Trump: US-Mexican Border Wall Would Not Be Solid Concrete

Trump ‘Very Proud’ to Stand Firm on ‘No Wall, No Deal’ Even If It Takes ‘Years’: ‘Absolutely, I Said That’

Federal Spending

Trump, Democrats Still Far From Border Wall Deal

Trump, Democrats Hold ‘Contentious’ Talks... And the Shutdown Goes On

Top U.S. Senate Republican: staffers to seek deal to end shutdown

Trump, Lawmakers Fail to End Shutdown; Weekend Talks Planned

Pence Meets With Democratic Aides to Discuss Shutdown Impasse

Trump Threatens Years-long Government Shutdown, Emergency Powers to Build Wall

Democrats denounce Trump’s suggestion to direct military funding toward border wall

Trump: Willing to Drag Out Shutdown 'For Months or Even Years'

Health Care Policy

Why Are Republicans Silent on Obamacare Ruling?


New US Senators Bring Diverse Backgrounds, Voices to Washington

Pelosi's Day 1: Win the gavel, change the rules, end the shutdown

In New US Congress, Each Party Controls a Chamber

Climbing the Hill: New Legislators Are Sworn In

Dems Admit Rep’s Impeachment Call Was ‘Inappropriate’ as Pelosi Gets Pressure from GOP After Excusing It

Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi’s First Act To Fight Republicans

Sen. Ted Cruz And Rep. Francis Rooney Introduce ‘Term Limits’ Amendment

Bernie Sanders Faces Liz Cheney’s Wrath After Apparent Attack on Her Father

New House Democrats Get Early Political Lesson

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