Saturday, January 12, 2019

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

From day one, Pelosi and the Democrats cement their extreme agenda

First Bill of New US Congress, on Middle East Policy, Stalls in Senate

House passes bill that would end shutdown, but Senate unlikely to take up

U.S. House passes bills that would re-open Agriculture, Transportation agencies

Senate unanimously approves backpay for federal workers after shutdown ends

House votes to reopen Interior, EPA as shutdown fight wages on

Foreign Policy

Marco Rubio calls out Democrats for hiding anti-Israel support for BDS under cover of government shutdown

US to Lift Sanctions Against 3 Russian Companies

US Lawmakers Demand Accountability for Killing of Saudi Journalist

Second Amendment

'Enough is enough': Dems prep gun vote in the House

House Dems, Now In Control, Introduce Act To Expand Background Checks For Firearms

GOP senators’ concealed carry reciprocity bill is a constitutional no-brainer

There is a lack of gun literacy in Dems’ new ‘assault weapons’ ban

Homeland Security

Trump Holds Firm on Border Wall, Offers Steel Option as Compromise

Suspected 'Terrorists' Have Infiltrated Migrant 'Caravans,' New House Report Warns

Ron Paul Offers an Alternative Conservative Solution to Illegal Immigration Besides Building the Wall

McConnell: ‘Enforcing Our Laws Wasn’t Immoral Back in 2006’

All Nine Members of Congress From Border Districts Oppose Funding for Trump’s Wall

‘Is MS-13 manufactured?’ Mark Levin addresses Democrat border crisis deniers

As Shutdown Drags on, Fears of Air Travel Disruptions Grow

Cher Tells Nancy Pelosi To Back Off On The Border Wall, End Government Shutdown

Meghan McCain Doesn’t Let Joy Behar Go Unchecked for Blaming Shutdown on Trump: Not ‘All Trump’s Fault’

Trump is closer than ever to securing the US-Mexico border

Report: CNN declined local news border report because it showed walls work

Trump says he won't declare national emergency "right now"


Judge creates a ‘right’ for deportable aliens to be tipped off

Trump's immigration bill is an updated version of Clinton's 1996 immigration law

On immigration, Chuck and Nancy had stern words for progressive Democrats, too

Immigration Loophole Has Been Allowing Male Migrants to Bring Thousands of Child Brides to the US


Senate Finance chair says no to giving Trump more tariff authority

Tax Policy

House Democrats call for 33 percent corporate tax hike

Fair Share? Top 20% Of Households Pay Vast Majority Of Income Taxes

Federal Spending

Dems refuse to work with Trump on border security, but just attempted to promote abortion overseas

White House Signals Some Compromise in Ending US Government Shutdown

Susan Collins: Senate should vote on Democrats' spending bills that passed the House

Trump Stands by Wall Money Demand as Democrats Plan New Funding Bills

Senior Republican congressman opposes using U.S. defense funds for border wall

Report: Republicans are pushing for a compromise on the border wall — here's how they want to entice Democrats

Political Pressure Leaves Little Room for Resolving Shutdown

GOP senators introduce legislation to prevent future government shutdowns

‘No Pathway’ to Grand Bargain Ending US Government Shutdown


Trump Says Acting Cabinet Members Give Him ‘More Flexibility’

Report: Rod Rosenstein — who currently oversees Mueller probe — plans to leave DOJ after William Barr gets confirmed

Graham: Attorney General Pick Barr Has Confidence in Mueller

Trump Nominates Acting EPA Head, an Ex-Coal Lobbyist, to Run Agency


Trump Says Acting Cabinet Members Give Him ‘More Flexibility’

Report: Rod Rosenstein — who currently oversees Mueller probe — plans to leave DOJ after William Barr gets confirmed

Graham: Attorney General Pick Barr Has Confidence in Mueller

Health Care Policy

Senators clash over abortion fee rule

Lower out of pocket costs could make Medicare for All expensive

Sen. Sanders, Rep. Cummings to introduce bill to peg US drug prices to prices in countries with price controls


Deb Haaland becomes one of first two Native American congresswomen

Rick Scott belatedly sworn in as Florida senator

Rep. Andy Biggs: Democrats rigged the House rules to undermine GOP victories

The cloture motion: Possible hidden reasons for it and a proposed solution

Steve King defends himself on House floor against ‘white nationalist’ criticism

GOP Sen Tim Scott Calls Out Republicans for Staying Silent on Steve King

Dems Want To Replace Subcommittee On Terrorism With One Investigating Trump

GOP Rep. Steve King may face punishment for 'white supremacist' comment, Pelosi says

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