Saturday, January 26, 2019

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

House votes to bar Trump from exiting NATO

Trump plan to fund border wall, reopen government falls short in Senate

Democrats' plan to reopen government fails to clear hurdle in Senate

Bills to Reopen Government Fail in Senate, Temporary Solution Eyed

6 Republicans backed the Democratic plan to reopen government

Senate passes measure funding government until Feb. 15

House votes to temporarily reopen government, sending bill to Trump

Foreign Policy

Senator Graham Urges Trump to Meet Pakistan PM Khan

U.S. Steps Up Pressure on Maduro as Russia Backs Venezuelan Ally

Homeland Security

‘We’ve Got to Get This Done’: Congressman Details Efforts by ‘Blue Dog’ Dems to Work With Trump on the Border

‘It Is Our Job to Fix It’: Letter From Centrist Dem Calls on Pelosi to Negotiate With Trump

No. 3 House Democrat floats possible $5.7 billion in non-wall border funding

Top Democrat Congressman Calls For Democrats To 'Give Trump The Money' For Border Wall

Speaker Pelosi says wall 'down payment' in funding bill not 'reasonable'

New York's LaGuardia Halted Flights as Shutdown Dragged on


An idea to end the shutdown by granting a path to green cards to DACA recipients

Tax Policy

Wealth tax considered

Federal Spending

Planned Parenthood’s Latest Annual Report Shows 6-Year High in Abortion Procedures

Congress rushes bill ending the shutdown to Trump's desk


Against a National Emergency

Executive power options to break the border impasse

Congress’ research arm vouches for Trump’s border funding authority

How Soon Will the Federal Government Get Back in Order?

Health Care Policy

Pelosi Works Her Health Care Strategy From Ground Up

Senate health committee leaders introduce key funding bill


Judge won't certify North Carolina congressional race as fraud investigation continues

Pelosi denies Trump his State of the Union during shutdown

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Will Resign As Head Of Congressional Black Caucus Following Retaliation Lawsuit

Senate fails to rebuke Cory Booker for 'Spartacus' moment

After Trump Agreed to Re-Open Government, Pelosi Still Wouldn’t Agree to SOTU on Previously Scheduled Date

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