Saturday, February 2, 2019

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Senate advances Syria policy bill

29 Republicans vote with Democrats to boost federal salaries 2.6 percent

Senate rebukes Trump, advances measure on Syria troops

Foreign Policy

U.S. Senate leader wants U.S. troops to stay in Syria, Afghanistan

US Intel Chiefs Warn Washington Risks Losing Friends, Influence

Senate leader wants U.S. troops to stay in Syria, Afghanistan

Lawmakers resurrect effort to pull US support from Saudi-backed forces in Yemen

Homeland Security

Pentagon Prepares to Send More Troops to US-Mexico Border

Trump Mulls Emergency Declaration to Build Border Wall

McConnell reportedly warned Trump against using emergency powers


Democrats do not plan to consider DACA in U.S. border fund talks: Hoyer


Bipartisan bill would strip Trump of 'national security' authority for tariffs

Senate Finance Chair Says Tariffs on Steel, Aluminum Should Go

Federal Spending

Senator McConnell would support bill making shutdowns more difficult


Conservatives Blast Reported White House Deal to Give Feinstein, Harris Control Over 9th Circuit Nominations

Trump Calms the Fears of Conservatives by Announcing New List of Judges for 9th Circuit Court


Sasse Throws Gauntlet Down To The Entire Senate: I'm Going To Ask Them If They're Against Infanticide

Ben Sasse is leading on life. Now the pressure is on Mitch McConnell to support him

'This is infanticide': Ben Sasse takes a stand against radical pro-abortion movement, says 'human dignity' will prevail

Health Care Policy

U.S. lawmaker Yarmuth says Democrats to begin Medicare for All hearings

Trump Health Chief Asks Congress to Pass Drug Discount Plan


Mark Meadows re-elected as Freedom Caucus chairman

Sexual abuse allegations led to firing of Chuck Schumer's top staffer

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