Saturday, February 16, 2019

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

House passes resolution honoring Walter Jones

US Senate Backs Major Public Lands, Conservation Bill

In rare vote, House sends a message on anti-Semitism to Ilhan Omar

U.S. House backs measure to end U.S. support for Saudis in Yemen war

Senate confirms William Barr to be Trump's next attorney general

Senate passes bill to make lynching a federal crime

Senate passes spending and border security bill

Floor attempts to protect human life, prohibit infanticide

House: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

House floor hour on Wednesday

National Security

Furious Democratic Armed Services chairman accuses Trump of ‘stealing money from the military’

Foreign Policy

Trump Objects to Measure Ending US Support for Saudis in Yemen War

U.S. Senate proposal would block Saudi path to atomic weapon in nuclear deal

Free, Fair Elections Needed in Venezuela, Lawmakers Say

Homeland Security

Sheriffs Issue Warning Against Caving to Dems’ Demands at the Border: ‘This Really Is a Catastrophe’

Obama Border Patrol Chief Leads Calls for the Border Wall at Angel Families Event: ‘Enough Is Enough’


Canada and Mexico will act on new NAFTA once tariffs end, Grassley says

Federal Spending

In bid to avoid shutdown, spending deal drops Violence Against Women Act extension, other contentious provisions

Spending deal would kill Donald Trump’s federal pay freeze

Why 19 Democrats and 109 Republicans voted against the government funding deal


Immigration Officers Union Opposes Trump's Pick to Lead Key Agency

U.S. lawmakers want more information on Saudi journalist's death

House panel announces emergency declaration probe in letter to Trump

Senate inquiry to probe Russian agent's 2015 meetings with Treasury, Fed

In Court, Trump’s Declaration Faces Uncertain Fate

Commerce Policy

Some GOP lawmakers are thawing on climate change

Democrat Joe Manchin Dismisses the Green New Deal as a ‘Dream’: Government Has to ‘Work With Realities’

Green New Deal: Some Democrats on the fence

Health Care Policy

House progressives work on ‘Medicare-for-all’ as debate heats up

House Health Panel Eyes Putting Consumer Warnings on Short-Term Plans

Preserving Patient Choice for Affordable Coverage


Members Passing
GOP Rep. Walter Jones dies at 76
Bill would honor Rep. Walter Jones by repealing AUMF
Lawmakers hold service for John Dingell mid-air as weather tangles travel
Dingell honored by Biden, but congressional delegation misses funeral due to weather
Congress pauses to remember its longest serving member, John Dingell

Muslim Lawmakers’ Criticism of Israel Pressures US Democrats
US Muslim Lawmaker Apologizes for Comments Deemed Anti-Semitic
Rep. Omar Apologizes for Tweets About Support for Israel
Pence Doubles Down on Call for Omar to Face ‘Consequences’
Sen. Scott Slams Rep. Omar’s Treatment Of Elliott Abrams

House Democrats hire Obama ethics czar for oversight of Trump, DOJ

Capitol Police crackdown on press escalates to physical altercation

House Freedom Caucus Creates New Leadership Positions To Help Fight Dems In Congress

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