Saturday, March 2, 2019

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Abortion survivor protections fail in the Senate

House disapproves of Trump’s emergency declaration on border

House sends Trump major public lands bill that saves key conservation program

Senate confirms Trump's nominee for key IRS role

House passes gun legislation with GOP add-on

House votes to extend wait time for gun background checks

Andrew Wheeler, who's been leading Trump deregulatory charge, confirmed by Senate as EPA chief

Floor attempts to protect human life, prohibit infanticide

House: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Update: Tuesday an attempt to amend a rule and force H.R. 962 on to the floor was voted down. This puts Representatives on the Record.

Senate: Monday, Tuesday follow-up

National Security

Pentagon wants Congress to replenish funds Trump taps for border wall

Foreign Policy

Push to end U.S. support for Saudi war hits Senate setback

US Lawmakers Back Trump's No Deal Stance at Hanoi Summit

Second Amendment

Trump Threatens to Veto Gun Bills Pushed by Democrats

‘Why Are We Infringing on People’s Liberties?’: Crenshaw Drops ‘Truth’ Behind House-Passed Gun Control Bill

Homeland Security

GOP Rep Supports Trump’s Emergency After Gaining Firsthand Experience Defending Border During Deployment

GOP Rep Deployed to Border Under Obama, Trump Nails Why Controversy Over Troop Presence Is Just Politics

No military threat at southern border, top U.S. general says

3 Senate Republicans Are Banding Together To Support Resolution To Terminate Trump’s National Emergency

Lamar Alexander asks Trump to rescind his border emergency

Foes of Trump Border Emergency Near Victory in Senate

Tax Policy

Senators Lankford, Coons Re-introduce LIFT for Charities Act

Federal Spending

Expect a ‘prolonged fight’ over spending caps


Rosenstein: Government Transparency Isn't Always Appropriate

Official distances HHS from sexual abuse of detained migrant children allegations


Lindsey Graham tells CPAC he plans to 'process as many conservative judges' as possible as Judiciary chairman


POTUS and Republicans Sound Off on Senate Dems for ‘Shocking’ Vote to Block ‘Born Alive’ Abortion Bill

Democrats Celebrate As Bill Compelling Doctors To Save Newborns Dies In The Senate

Anti-abortion group seeks to make Democrats pay for vote on abortion survivors

Limbaugh: Dems’ deceit and moral bankruptcy on abortion

Larry O'Connor with Sen. James Lankford at CPAC 2019

Commerce Policy

Dems Sweat over Green New Deal Vote as Some in Party Beg to ‘Work with Reality’

Health Care Policy

U.S. House Democrats introduce sweeping 'Medicare for All' bill — H.R. 1384

‘Medicare-for-all’ is no longer purely theoretical. Democrats are coming to terms with that

Medicare for All bill includes price controls for private health coverage

Medicare for All may struggle to gain traction

Free-Market Health Care Bills Introduced

7 Pharma Execs Testified Before The Senate On Drug Prices

Centrist focus on merely fixing Obamacare exposes split among Democrats

Technology Policy

5G technologies could challenge US spy agencies

Education Policy

China is building soft power in U.S. schools, Senate report warns


Democrats Broke With Pelosi on Some Last-Minute Amendments ― Now She Might Change the Rules

House Democrats are divided over how to respond to Republican procedural attacks

Republican Harris will not run again after tainted U.S. House election

Commentary: Born-Alive bill failure shows the deadly consequences of 'team sports' politics

Meet the new Senate Foreign Relations boss

Meadows Explains House Floor Hug with Tlaib After Heated Cohen Hearing Exchange: ‘We All Say Hurtful Things’

New York man pleads guilty to phoning in death threats to GOP senators for backing Kavanaugh

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