Saturday, May 18, 2019

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

House passes tribal land bills after votes were canceled following Trump tweet

Senate confirms 9th Circuit pick

Senate confirms Rosen for No. 2 spot at DOJ

House Democrats pass bill to lower drug prices and shore up Obamacare

Record: Rep. Chris Smith included H.R. 5 analysis from NRLC and USCCB

House passes H.R. 5, expansive LGBT bill — 236-173
• Amendment to protect conscience rights was blocked
House Votes to Quarantine Faith, Attack Parental Rights & the Family
H.R. 5/S. 788 amends the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include a redefinition of “sex” that includes a right to abortion. This would expand taxpayer funding of abortion, threaten pro-life law at the state and federal level, and endanger conscience protection for health care providers. This would enable women to ‘challenge denials of reproductive health care’
• This is A Most Uncivil Law

Dems Push Bill on Health Care, Drug Prices Through House

Floor attempts to protect human life, prohibit infanticide

House: Tuesday, WednesdayWednesdayThursday, Friday

Homeland Security

Pelosi says border situation 'is a crisis'

Federal Spending

Pelosi: To woo Trump, border aid will likely be attached to disaster relief bill


Contempt vote on hold as House takes 'inventory' of additional contempt charges against Trump administration


Trump administration opposes Equality Act ‘filled with poison pills’

Health Care Policy

After Trump’s Blessing, House Rolls out Plan to End Surprise Medical Bills

Senate Legislation to End Surprise Medical Bills Includes Provision Opposed by White House

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