Saturday, November 2, 2019

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Senate passes transportation spending bill

Senate rejects Paul effort to cut spending

House recognizes and rebukes Armenian genocide in bipartisan vote

Only Susan Collins breaks GOP ranks on Democrat-led ACA resolution

House makes impeachment drive official

Why did two Democrats vote against their party's impeachment resolution?

Foreign Policy

McConnell sends warning shot on Turkey sanctions after House vote

First Amendment

Slicing Free Speech Too Thinly

Federal Spending

Impeachment Could Shut Down The Government


McConnell Says Dem Impeachment Resolution Doesn’t Give POTUS Due Process


The new America: NO to voluntary Christian prayer in schools. YES to mandatory Muslim prayer

Health Care Policy

'I'm not a fan of Medicare for all': Pelosi pushes back on proposals from 2020 Democrats

Lawmakers Warn FDA Against Calls To Remove Restrictions On Abortion Drugs

10 Reasons to Oppose a National Patient ID

S. 2538: National Patient Identifier Repeal Act of 2019
A one-page bill to prevent a national patient-tracking number.


Former Rep. John Conyers Dead At 90John Conyers, 1929-2019

Ethics war brewing? Gaetz files complaint against Schiff

The death of legislative policymaking

Republicans question why Schiff is running impeachment

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