Saturday, November 2, 2019

Senate Floor Schedule

Program for Monday: Senate meets in a pro forma session.

Thursday, 10/31, Senate began consideration of the following:

Senate began consideration of the nomination of David Austin Tapp, of Kentucky, to be a Judge of the United States Court of Federal Claims.
Page S6326

Senate began consideration of the nomination of Danielle J. Hunsaker, of Oregon, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Ninth Circuit.
Page S6326

Senate began consideration of the nomination of William Joseph Nardini, of Connecticut, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Second Circuit.
Page S6327

Senate began consideration of the nomination of Lee Philip Rudofsky, to be United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Arkansas.
Page S6327

Senate began consideration of the nomination of Jennifer Philpott Wilson, to be United States District Judge for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.
Page S6327

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