Saturday, December 7, 2019

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Senate Confirms Dan Brouillette as New Secretary of Energy

Senate Confirmed Four Federal Judgesincluding pro-life lawyer Sarah Pitlyk

U.S. House approves Uighur bill demanding sanctions on senior Chinese officials

Israel resolution included amendment affirming US commitment to military aid

National Security

Bipartisan Senate Group Wants to Ensure Huawei Barred from Energy System

National Defense Authorization Bill Stalls at Senate and House Leadership Level

Foreign Policy

Rep Josh Gottheimer: Military aid to Israel was in President Obama's agreement

Rep. Kay Granger: resolution 'disproportionately criticizes Israel'

Sen. Cruz: To Undermine the Maduro Regime in Venezuela, Disrupt the Region’s Illicit Gold Mining Networks

Pentagon eyes smaller Middle East troop buildup while muddling its message to Congress

Palestinian Authority welcomes House resolution backing two-state solution

First Amendment

McConnell Defends Religious Liberty in America

The Continued Threat to Religious Liberty Is Undeniable

Federal Spending

Dems’ All-or-Nothing Budget Demand Pushes Congress Toward Deadlock and Government Shutdown, as Impeachment Crisis Deepens

Bipartisan Senate deal on HBCU funding faces obstacles in House


State Dept. Official Denies Quid Pro Quo, Says Claim Is ‘Hypothetical’

Trump, Pompeo Fault Democrats for Having Impeachment Hearings During NATO Meetings

Ukrainian President Zelensky Shoots Down Impeachment Claim, Denies Quid Pro Quo

Giuliani Alleges $5.3 Billion in U.S. Aid Misused in Ukraine, U.S. Embassy Told Police ‘Not to Investigate’

Rep. Ratcliffe Claims Schiff Won’t Release ICIG Michael Atkinson’s Transcript

GOP Report: Impeachment Case Built on ‘Hearsay, Presumptions, and Speculation’

House Intelligence Committee releases Trump impeachment report

White House Says Schiff Cited Wrong OMB Number in Impeachment Report

House Democrats' impeachment lawyer led 'massive pushback' after Trump election

White House Tells Democrats It Won’t Partake in Hearings: ‘End This Inquiry Now’

The White House’s Letter Responding to Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearing

Law Professor’s Reference to 13-Year-Old Barron Trump During Impeachment Hearing Draws Ire

Melania Trump Blasts Law Professor During Hearing Over Son Barron

Pence: Law Professor’s Barron Trump Comment Is ‘New Low’ for Impeachment Hearings

Impeachment Witness Pamela Karlan on Barron Trump Comment: ‘I Want to Apologize’

Johnathan Turley, Republican Witness for Impeachment Hearing, Says He Received Threats

Pelosi hits the gas pedal on impeachmentAsks House Judiciary Chairman to Draft Articles of Impeachment

At Town Hall, Pelosi Asks for No More Questions About Impeachment

U.S. lawmakers work on articles of impeachment against Trump

Judiciary panel releases report defining impeachable offenses — Full Text (PDF)

House Democratic leadership divided on scope of impeachment articles

Democratic Whip Says Democrats Expect ‘To Lose Some’ Votes on Impeachment

New Jersey Democratic Lawmaker Breaks With Pelosi on Impeachment: ‘Everything Our Country Doesn’t Stand For’Says He’ll Oppose Articles of Impeachment

Michigan Democratic Congressman Says Constituents Focused on ‘Kitchen-Table’ Issues, Not Impeachment

Rep. Al Green Says Democrats Could Impeach Trump ‘More Than Once’

Senators Seek Interviews With Former DNC Consultant and Ukrainian Embassy Official in Probe of Ukraine Election Interference

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Puts Temporary Hold on Trump Financial Records Subpoena


House, Senate Democrats call on Supreme Court to block Louisiana abortion law

Health Care Policy

Giving Medicare for All a Facelift: the Ugly Is Still There

Technology Policy

New rash of privacy bills working its way through the Senate

TikTok leader schedules Washington trip to meet with lawmakers as investigations loom


Isakson talks up bipartisanship in Senate farewell speech

Democrats lowering the bar for Impeachment: Law Professor Jonathan Turley

Republicans say Adam Schiff smeared Devin Nunes, reporterGOP seeks recourse

House GOPers Urge Senate Leaders to Require Campaigning Democrats to Recuse from Impeachment Trial

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