Saturday, December 14, 2019

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

House Passes Bill Aimed at Lowering Drug PricesTrump threatens to veto

House Approves Bill Giving Some Illegal Immigrant Farmworkers Amnesty

Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution Recognizing Armenian Genocide

Senate Confirms Hunter-Friendly Candidate to Oversee Wildlife Management

National Security

Ukraine Would Get New Anti-Ship Missiles Under House Defense Bill

Foreign Policy

Rep. Hill Applauds Inclusion of Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act in FY20 NDAA

Bipartisan House Resolution urges the Indian government to preserve religious freedom

Deal on Defense Bill Includes Tough Sanctions against Russia’s Newest Gas Pipeline to Europe

Helsinki Commissioners Introduce Ukraine Religious Freedom Support Act

Federal Spending

Congress Reaches Deal to Fund the Government as Shutdown Deadline Nears


Horowitz Criticizes FBI’s ‘Failure’ of ‘Entire Chain of Command’ in Trump-Russia Probe

Nobody Involved in FISA Process Vindicated, IG Says

Senator Hawley: IG Report Shows FBI ‘Effectively Meddled’ in 2016 Election

FBI lawyer altered email to surveil Trump campaign staffer

Surveilled Trump Associate Carter Page Vows to Take Lawsuits ‘Up to the Supreme Court’

Gaetz Defends Ukraine Call, Says Trump Acted on ‘Sincere’ Concerns of Corruption

GOP Lawyer: Trump Had ‘Legitimate Basis’ to Investigate Bidens’ Dealings in Ukraine

Former Ukraine Prosecutor: Yovanovitch Lied to Congress at Impeachment Inquiry

Democrats Get Trump Phone Call Transcript Wrong Again

House Judiciary GOP Asks: Where’s the Impeachable Offense?

House Judiciary Chair Accepts None of Republicans’ Impeachment Witness Requests

Group of House Democrats Suggest Censure Instead of Impeachment

Democrats Unveil Two Articles of Impeachment Drafted Against Trump — Full Text

Pelosi Says She Won’t Pressure Moderate Democrats to Back Impeachment

Trump Warns: Democrats ‘Trivializing’ Impeachment for Political Gain

Tulsi Gabbard among likeliest House Democrats to oppose Trump impeachment

‘I Don’t Need Any Witnesses:’ Graham Vows for Quick End to Senate Impeachment Trial

Senate Needs to Hold Impeachment Trial With Witnesses, Some House GOP Members Say

Manchin ‘Torn’ About Whether to Vote to Convict Trump on Articles of Impeachment

McConnell: ‘There’s No Chance’ Trump Will Be Removed From Office

House Will Impeach Trump Again if He Wins 2020 Election: Democratic Congresswoman

Judge rejects DOJ effort to delay House lawsuit against Trump Administration over census

Shadowy FISA Court at Center of IG Report Could See Major Changes, Senators Say

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Appeals Over the Release of Trump’s Financial Records


Trump Reaches Milestone as 50th Federal Appeals Judge Confirmed

Commerce Policy

Trump Says He Supports Paid Family Leave

Health Care Policy

Pelosi: Obamacare 'could be a path to Medicare for All'

Democrats Stage A Phony Retreat On Medicare For All

Proposed "fix" for surprise bills hand control to insurers and reduce patient access to independent physicians

‘Surprise Billing’ Laws Would Gut Emergency Care

Technology Policy

House still searching for a privacy deal


Rep. Devin Nunes on Phone Record Release: ‘We’re Definitely Going to Take Legal Action’

GOP Rep. Stefanik Demands Schiff reciprocally release his call logs

'They chose life': GOP congressman tells story of how his staffer was almost aborted

Ted Yoho to Retire From Congress, Citing 4-term Pledge

House Calls on Supreme Court to Allow Them to Enforce Subpoenas for Trump’s Financial Records

Texas Congressman Says If Senate Doesn’t Remove Trump, Democrats Can Try Again

Reuters Photographer Thrown out of Impeachment Hearing After Taking Pictures of Members’ Notes

House Democrats Attend White House Ball as Colleagues Worked on Impeaching Trump

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