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Saturday, December 14, 2019

House Committee Schedule

House Floor Schedule

From the floor colloquy:
As Members know, the current continuing resolution expires on December 20. The House will consider some appropriation measures.  Hopefully, and my expectation is, they are making progress in the Appropriations Committee on coming to a resolution on the 12 appropriation bills. It is my hope that we will consider those appropriation bills on the floor on Tuesday, perhaps a series of minibus packages to fund all of government for the remainder of the fiscal year. I would urge all of my colleagues on the Appropriations Committee to do everything they can in the next 24 hours, frankly, to bring this matter to a close and agreement so that the staff will have an opportunity to put the bills together for consideration next week.

This week, negotiators were able to reach an agreement on a new trade agreement. The Republican whip has been asking me about that agreement.  I have assured him we wanted to get to yes, and we have gotten to yes.  We are pleased at that, this trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. It is possible that the USMCA trade agreement could be brought to the floor next week. …

This week, the House Judiciary Committee began markup, as the House knows and the country knows, of two Articles of Impeachment. Following committee action on these articles, the Judiciary Committee will make a recommendation to the full House of Representatives. We will determine a path forward on the floor following that recommendation.

Lastly, Mr. Speaker, as is always the case in the last week, at least the last scheduled week of a session, there may well be other pieces of legislation that will ripen for consideration and that may well be considered next week. We will announce those as soon as we know which, if any, bills qualify for that treatment.

Senate Committee Schedule

Senate Floor Schedule

Program for Monday: Senate resumes consideration of the conference report to accompany S. 1790, National Defense Authorization Act, and votes on the motion to invoke cloture thereon at 5:30 p.m.

Congressional Outlook

Committee Activity

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Floor Outlook

Dems impeachment drive hurtling toward House vote; the Rules are different in a Senate trial

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