Saturday, January 25, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Senate Rejects Democrats’ Effort to Subpoena Documents in Impeachment Trial

Senate sets impeachment trial rules that postpone vote on witnesses

Federal Spending

Bipartisan Group Wants Congress to Know How Much New Proposals Will Add to National Debt Interest

Reports Show Systematic Failures by Government in Managing Contracts, Spending

Government spending gets even more out of control


Explainer: Why is President Donald Trump on trial in the Senate?

Guide to the Trump Impeachment Trial in the Senate

McConnell Releases Rules for Senate Impeachment Trial

Republicans, Democrats Grapple Over Rules as Senate Impeachment Trial Starts

Impeachment Trial Begins With Clash Over Rules

Senate Democrats call for impartiality while declaring Trump guilty


Trump Defenders: President Cannot Be Removed in Senate for Abuse of Power

Schiff Disputes Argument That President Cannot Be Impeached for Abuse of Power

White House Lawyer Says Impeachment Articles Contain ‘No Case’ as Schiff Calls for Witnesses

Jim Jordan: Schiff's impeachment case little more than 'presumptions, assumptions, and hearsay'

Witnesses, Documents, Supplemental Information

Impeachment trial opens with battle over witnesses

Sen. Murkowski Wants to Hear Impeachment Case Before Deciding on Witnesses

Questions About Hunter Biden Testimony Loom Over Senate Impeachment Trial

Schiff Says Intelligence Agency Is Withholding Ukraine Information From Congress

Nadler: Democrats Won’t Negotiate Hunter Biden Testimony in Exchange for Other Witnesses

Schiff Says Calling Hunter Biden as Impeachment Witness Would Be ‘Illegitimate’

House Impeachment Managers Target Top Trump Lawyer, Claim He’s ‘Material Witness’

McConnell Eases Impeachment Trial Limits, Schumer Seeks Witnesses

Adam Schiff apparently mischaracterized further 'evidence' in impeachment: report

Impeachment, Democrats, and those 90,000 Clinton documents

If The Senate Votes For Witnesses, Due Process Requires Hunter To Be Questioned

Sen. Lisa Murkowski Takes Offense to House Manager’s ‘Cover-Up’ Accusation

No Bipartisan Talks on Impeachment Trial Witnesses Are Happening: Schumer

Hawley: ‘We Must Call Hunter Biden, We Probably Need to Call Joe Biden’

Lindsey Graham Says He Opposes Hunter Biden Subpoena in Impeachment Trial


Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts Admonishes House Managers and Trump Lawyers

Republicans Close to Having Majority Needed to Dismiss Articles of Impeachment: Paul

Sen. Susan Collins ‘Stunned’ by House Manager’s ‘Cover-Up’ Accusation

Schiff angers GOP Senators in closing remarks, gets vocal condemnation from chamber

DOJ Pushes Back on House’s Claims That Trump Lawyer Contradicted Department in McGahn Case


Sen. Rounds: The Sanctity of Human Life

Trump: 'Proud to stand' with pro-life marchers

Commerce Policy

Wicker Keeps Focus on Future Workforce

Health Care Policy

ACA Made Things Worse for Those With Preexisting Conditions

Sacrificing Public and Private Health Insurance for "Medicare for All"

Bills Require Abortion Providers to Have Hospital Admitting Privileges


U.S. Senate on security alert for Trump impeachment trial

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