Saturday, February 1, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

House Passes Two Bills Aimed at Limiting Trump’s War Powers in Iran

Senate Votes Down Witnesses, Sets Vote on Impeachment Articles For Feb. 5

National Security

Key Republicans seek ban on intel sharing with countries that use Huawei

What We Learned from the House Vote to Limit War Power to Fight Iran


NRLC on ERA: H.J.Res. 79 would insert language into the U.S. Constitution

Tax Policy

Congress considers transportation funding through mileage tax, privacy considerations unaddressed

Federal Spending

Sen. Ernst Says Time to End Presidential Election Campaign Fund

Plan to Bring Back Earmarks Gaining Steam Among House Democrats

House Democrats Introduce $760 Billion Infrastructure Plan

Court of Impeachment

Trump: Defense Team Should ‘Just Tell the Truth’ in Impeachment Trial

Factbox: The members of Trump's impeachment defense team

Trump Attorneys Expose Omissions in Impeachment Managers’ Case, such as burden sharing

White House counsel Pat Cipollone uses clips of sitting Dems'? own words to argue against partisan impeachment

Biden in 1999: 'The Constitution does not impose on the Senate the duty to hold a trial'

Sen. Ernst Says Trump’s Lawyers ‘Shredded’ Impeachment Case

‘Making Me Think About Things’: Sen. Manchin Says Trump Legal Team Doing a ‘Good Job’

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin: 'The president is winning' in impeachment trial

Turley: Democrats made a 'huge blunder' insulting GOP during impeachment trial

House Could Have Called Bolton to Testify, Investigative Work Not the Senate’s Job: Ernst

Senators on Bolton: 'nothing new here'; White House: Manuscript Included Top Secret Information

Schiff Tells Senate: ‘I Don’t Know Who the Whistleblower Is’

The chief justice doesn't rule the Senate

Schiff defends Chief Justice from Warren attack


Trump’s Attorneys Argue House Subpoenas for Financial Records May Not Be Used to Engage in Law Enforcement


Rep. Jody Hice: How the media subtly vilifies the pro-life movement

New U.S. Senate bill would allow pregnant mothers to receive child support

Health Care Policy

Congress has a Prescription for Health Care's Sickly Status Quo

Dr. Kimberly Corba: Congress sits on reform to expand HSAs to all patients

Technology Policy

EPIC Urges Congress to Act on Privacy

Lawmakers claim progress on online privacy bill


1st openly atheist member of Congress dies

Ken Starr Warns Senate: We Are Living in ‘The Age of Impeachment’

Rep. Nadler Leaves to Be With Ailing Wife; expecting to miss conclusion of Senate trial

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