Saturday, February 8, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Senate Acquits Trump on Both Articles of Impeachment

House Rejects GOP Resolution Condemning Pelosi for Tearing up Trump’s Speech

National Security

The impeachment trial is over. Now can Congress get defense work done?

Foreign Policy

Huawei: 42 US lawmakers urge UK Parliament to reject ‘dangerous’ 5G decision


Trump Highlights Senate Bill That Would Allow Victims to Sue Sanctuary Cities


Soldier Returns From Afghanistan and Surprises Family at State of the Union

Trump’s Impeachment Trial Ends as U.S. Election Season Begins

DOJ Says Congress, State Grand Jury Subpoenas for Trump’s Financial Records Are Unconstitutional

Senators Seek Hunter Biden Travel Records From Secret Service Shortly After Trump Acquittal

Senators Say Redacted Footnotes Contradict IG Report Statements

Commerce Policy

Liberals in Congress seek to punish right-to-work states, strangle gig economy

Democrats To Gig Workers: Work Our Way Or Lose Your Jobs

Congress could make EV drivers pay

Health Care Policy

Sens. Kennedy, Cassidy introduce bill to stop dangerous mail-order abortions

AAPS Letter to Congress Opposing Counterproductive “Surprise Billing” Legislation

Technology Policy

EPIC Urges Congress to Suspend Face Surveillance

Education Policy

Trump urges Congress to pass school choice tax credit


Pelosi Explains Why She Ripped up Trump’s Speech

Reactions to State of the Union Reflect Deepening Partisan Divide

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy's prayer for the nation

Jim Jordan selected to replace Doug Collins on Judiciary Committee

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