Saturday, March 7, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

HouseSenate Approves $8.3 Billion Emergency Coronavirus Package, Sending Bill to Trump

US Senate Unanimously Honors China’s Coronavirus Whistleblower

National Security

Trump Won’t Extend FISA Spy Powers Without Reforms, Sen. Paul Says


Dems’ investigations into Trump go underground

House Democrats request full appeals court to rehear McGahn case

As Pentagon vacancies peak, time runs out to fill jobs

Commerce Policy

Senate pushing green energy bill

Health Care Policy

Surprise billing: Not all fixes are created equal


Senator Chuck Schumer says judges will 'pay the price' as Supreme Court hears abortion case

Chief Justice John Roberts scolds Chuck Schumer for 'threatening statements' against Gorsuch, Kavanaugh

Schumer on Supreme Court remarks: "I should not have used the words I used"‘They Didn’t Come out the Way I Intended’

Sen. Chuck Schumer's threatening rhetoric to Supreme Court justices crosses a line

McConnell: Schumer’s Threats Against Supreme Court Justices ‘Astonishingly Reckless’

House Republican offers resolution condemning Schumer over Supreme Court remarks

McCarthy Calls on Senate Democrats to Reconsider Leadership after Schumer’s SCOTUS Comments

Trump Responds to Schumer Threat Against SCOTUS Justices, Demands Immediate Action

Schumer reaping the whirlwind

Schumer, the Supreme Court, and the Mob

Schumer targeted over gun confiscation after threatening SCOTUS justices

GOA to NY Governor on Schumer: Will You Apply “Red Flag Laws” Equally?

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