Saturday, March 14, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

House passes key surveillance bill

House Passes Resolution Aimed at Limiting Trump’s War Powers in Iran

U.S. Senate confirms Danly to FERC

House Passes Coronavirus Legislation After Trump Signals Support

National Security

'Weak sauce': Rand Paul slams deal to extend spy law

Is the intelligence community begging for a Church Committee 2.0?

AG Barr Endorses House FISA Reauthorization Bill

Trump Opposed House Bill, Leaving FISA to Lapse Sunday; McConnell Expected to Try Again Next Week

Fourth Amendment

It's time for Congress to sunset NSA's call data program

Homeland Security

House Democrats reject GOP amendment adding antifa to domestic terrorism prevention bill

Federal Spending

Emergency Bill Filed to Protect GI Bill Benefits Amid School Closures Due to Coronavirus

White House Officials Allege Speaker Pelosi Pushed To Include Hyde Amendment Loophole Into Coronavirus Stimulus Plan


Republican lawmakers sound alarm over DHS whistleblower Philip Haney's dead: 'He was murdered'

Appeals court rules House can access Mueller grand jury evidence


Trump Passes Historic Judicial Appointments Threshold Shortly Before Schumer's SCOTUS Threat

Health Care Policy

Trump assures Senate GOP on coronavirus

Grassley Optimistic on Prospects for His and Wyden’s Prescription Drug Pricing Bill

Trump Declares National Emergency Over Coronavirus Pandemic

Technology Policy

New Bill Would Regulate Online Content Aimed At Kids

Washington prepares to battle Silicon Valley over child exploitation, encryption


Rep. Matt Gaetz to self-quarantine after contact with coronavirus patient

Rep. Mark Meadows Under Self-Quarantine After Possible Coronavirus Exposure

Rep. Beyer to Self-Quarantine After Coronavirus Exposure

Black pastors group starts petition urging Congress to censure Schumer

Schumer Hit With Mounting Ethics Complaints for Supreme Court Comment

House and Senate plan to stay open for legislative business, at least for now

US Capitol tours to be suspendedCapitol to close to public until April 1 amid coronavirus outbreak

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