Saturday, March 28, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Senate Rejects GOP Pushback on Expanded Unemployment Insurance in Relief Bill

Senate sends sweeping $2 trillion relief package to the House

House approves historic $2.2 trillion economic relief package

Federal Spending

Pelosi had 'wishlist' of unrelated demands for coronavirus bill, killing bipartisan agreement

Clyburn told colleagues this is ‘a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision’

Pelosi unveiled $2.5 trillion counterproposal to GOP coronavirus stimulus

White House and Senate reach deal on $2 trillion coronavirus relief package

Factbox: What's in the $2.2 trillion Senate coronavirus rescue package

'A drop in the bucket': Andrew Cuomo calls $2 trillion relief bill 'terrible' for New York

The Senate's relief bill left out thousands of small companies owned by private equity

Massive CCP Virus Relief Measure Includes $400 Million Bonanza for Left’s ‘Democracy Reform’ Movement

Pro-Life Protections In The Emergency Relief Package — Complete Analysis

Trump Signs Largest Stimulus Bill in Modern US History


Sen. Rand Paul tests positive for coronavirusfirst US senatorSays He Wouldn’t Have Been Tested Based on Current Guidelines

Amy Klobuchar says her husband has been hospitalized with coronavirus

Sen. Ron Johnson's stock sale had nothing to do with coronavirus

Trump Endorsement, Paul Self-Quarantine Revive Serious Look at Remote Voting in Congress

Lawmakers Considered Proxy Vote for COVID-19 Relief Bill Amid Infection Concerns

Kentucky Congressman Explains Why He Tried to Force Recorded Vote on Relief Bill

New York City-based lawmakers defy 14-day suggested quarantine to vote for coronavirus relief package

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