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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Top U.S. Senate Republican decries lack of progress on small business aid

Senate Adjourns for Weekend, No Deal on Small-Business Pandemic Program

Foreign Policy

US Senator Calls for Stripping ‘Sovereign Immunity’ for Chinese Regime

Backing Trump, U.S. Republicans call for WHO chief to resign

Capitol Hill Spars Over Trump WHO Funding Cut

Federal Spending

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo rips Congress for ignoring state governments in stimulus bill

Trump announces U.S. will halt funding for WHO over coronavirus response

‘No excuses’: Moderate Democrats urge quick deal on small business coronavirus aid

Thornberry wants $6 billion this year to launch counter-China fund

Oversight Members for CARES Act Announced, Chairperson Yet to Be Named


Trump threatens to adjourn Congress to force through appointments

Trump is right: Senate is derelict on Voice of America nomination

Trump Establishes ‘Opening Up America Again’ Panel, Invites Lawmakers

Technology Policy

The EARN IT Act Violates the Constitution

Natural Disasters

Congress must make states equal partners in responding to emergencies


Sen. Burr Should Explain Stock Sales Made After Virus Briefings: Senator

U.S. House operations
• House talks intensify on remote, proxy voting
• Key U.S. Congressman offers remote voting proposal
• Coronavirus escalates calls to allow Congress to legislate remotely

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