Saturday, May 2, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

National Security

Lawmakers Probe NIH Over Chinese Espionage Targeting U.S. Medical Research

Foreign Policy

Cruz Targets Chinese Propaganda Radio With New Bill

Tom Cotton: US Should Deny Visas to Chinese Science and Tech Students

House Oversight GOP calls on Democrats to investigate Chinese influence over WHO

Federal Spending

Trump and McConnell headed toward clash over coronavirus spending

Pelosi: Pandemic Funds for States Coming in Next Relief Bill

Why the economic rescue package is causing some heartburn

How Congress’ Coronavirus Bill Could Pay Millionaires’ Bills With Medicaid

McConnell: Next COVID-19 Relief Bill ‘Won’t Pass the Senate’ Without Liability Protection

McConnell Open to Virus-Related Funding for States in Next Rescue Package

House chairman opposes more defense stimulus

Congress presses for more agriculture money

Senate battle brewing on coronavirus oversight


Grassley Calls on Barr to Intervene in Flynn Case, Criticizes FBI and DOJ

Constitution Isn’t Suspended for COVID-19, Attorney General Barr Warns Public Officials

Trump to Nominate Retired General to Be US Ambassador to Ukraine


Sasse Liability Bill Protects Medical ‘Heroes,’ as Fight with Trial Lawyers Nears

137 members of Congress filed a brief to the Supreme Court to support the right of states to defund abortion business Planned Parenthood of Medicaid tax dollars.

Outraged Dems Defend Trial Lawyers, Attack McConnell’s Demand for Medical Worker Liability Shield

Republican Congressional Leaders Push for Liability Protections

Commerce Policy

Cruz Urges Development of Domestic Rare Earth Supply Chain, Calls Reliance on China a Risk

Technology Policy

Where federal privacy bill stalls, Covid privacy bill takes shape

House lawmakers call on Amazon CEO to testify in antitrust probe for 'Possibly Criminally False' Statements to Congress, has option to Testify Voluntarily or Face ‘Compulsory Process’

Education Policy

DeVos tells Congress to keep IDEA intact


Husband of US Senator Describes His Bout with COVID-19

Pelosi will advance proxy voting after Democrats balk at reconvening next week

Congress plans its Capitol comeback

US House Grapples with Emergency Voting

Scalise: 'No good excuse' for Pelosi to shut down House over virus

Capitol Hill physician says he can't test every senator for coronavirus

The Senate’s coronavirus testing conundrum

Joe Biden formally asks Secretary of Senate to search for Tara Reade complaint

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