Saturday, May 16, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

US Senate approves bill to help Taiwan rejoin WHO — S. 249

Senate passed Uyghur human rights bill — S. 3744 — Enforcement is uncertain

Schumer’s Resolution Calling For Release of CDC’s Reopening Guidelines Fails in Senate — S.Res. 572

Senate votes to reauthorize intel surveillance programs with added legal protectionswithout ban on web history snooping which failed by one voteSends Bill Back to the House — H.R. 6172

House adopts historic temporary rules changes to allow remote votingProxy Vote for First Time Amid Pandemic — H.Res. 965

House defeats effort to prevent stimulus checks for undocumented immigrants — Motion to Recommit, Vote

House passes $3 trillion coronavirus spending bill, bucking GOP opposition and Trump veto threatSetting up More $1,200 Direct Payments to AmericansSenate Signals Opposition — H.R. 6800

National Security

Chinese state media ominously threatens GOP lawmakers, hints at Election Day impact

House GOP Lawmakers Open Inquiry Into Law Enforcement’s Use of Chinese Drones

Foreign Policy

US Lawmakers Urge Support for Taiwan at WHO, as US Criticizes China

China task force leader says China and WHO broke international law during coronavirus outbreak

State AGs Press Congress to Investigate China’s Coronavirus Response

'We back our Aussie mates': US Congress members slam China threats

Countries Certified as Not Cooperating Fully with U.S. Counterterrorism Efforts


House Dems push to take corrupt election processes national, new GOP report claims

First Amendment

Poll shows a partisan split over virus-era religious freedom

Second Amendment

Oppose Sen. Blumenthal's Proposed "Ghost Gun" Regulation

Fourth Amendment

The FBI can access your browsing history without a warrant, and the Senate is to blame

Democrats propose Public Health Emergency Privacy Act


US Lawmakers Seek to Secure Semiconductor Supply Chains Away From China

Federal Spending

Pelosi’s pitch for a $3T relief billAims to Fight Coronavirus With Hate Crime Reform and ‘Environmental Justice Grants’$5.5 billion for pandemic broadband fundingCash To Fund Planned ParenthoodEverything We Know About a Second Round of CCP Virus Stimulus Checks

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell joins the battle over fiscal spendingWarns of Long-Term Harm to Economy, Says Congress Must Act

Republican Senators Say Democrats’ $3 Trillion Virus Package ‘Dead on Arrival’GOP feels no pressure from Pelosi on next relief billSenate Majority Leader: No Need Yet for Fifth Virus-Related Bill

NRB Thanks Senators for Seeking Support for Nonprofits, Churches in Next COVID-19 Relief Proposal


Flynn Was Set Up by FBI, Documents Indicate

Paul: Declassified Unmasking List Incriminates Obama AdministrationGraham Questions Motivation of Flynn Unmasking Request, Demands Further Investigation

'No more talk!': Trump presses Lindsey Graham to call Obama in for testimony on 'Obamagate'

Trump’s New Nominee For Ukraine Ambassador Is A 40-Year Military Veteran

Commerce Policy

Congress Should Free the Postal Service, Not Bail It Out

Franklin Graham, other faith leaders ask Congress for immunity to reopen during pandemic

Health Care Policy

Barr Says Justice Department Will Back Trump’s Push to Overturn Obamacare

Fauci Hopeful COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be in Advanced Trials by Late Fall, Early Winter

Technology Policy

Protect our Speech and Security Online: Reject the Graham-Blumenthal Bill


Democrats' House rule change undermines the Constitution

FBI serves warrant on Richard Burr in stocks sell-off probeSenator steps down as Senate Intelligence chairman amid insider trading probe

Loeffler Sends Stock Documents to DOJ, Senate Ethics Committee

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