Saturday, May 23, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Josh Hawley crafts the case against China

Senate Passes Bill That Could Block Chinese Firms From U.S. Securities Exchanges

Senate confirms John Ratcliffe as next director of national intelligence

National Security

New Legislation Would Block U.S. Purchase of Chinese-Made Drones

Foreign Policy

Republican Lawmakers Call for Sanctions on Top Chinese Officials Over Coronavirus

Ted Cruz legislation targets Chinese cover-ups, Hollywood censorship, and CCP propaganda

US to React Strongly If Beijing Moves Ahead with Hong Kong National Security Law: Trump

Bill to delist Chinese stocks moving at 'warp speed' as a crackdown gains bipartisan support

GOP Lawmakers Demand FBI Briefing on Chinese Hacking of U.S. Coronavirus Research

First Amendment

Religious Leaders Calling for Congress to Protect Houses of Worship as They Reopen

Religious Freedom for Military Chaplains

Second Amendment

Justice Department Asks Congress for More Resources

Federal Spending

Pro-Life Analysis of the HEROES Act (H.R. 6800)

Fed chair: "There's no limit" to coronavirus stimulus response

Biggs: Nancy Pelosi’s Coronavirus Bill Has Allowed Her To Seize More Power

'Deeply flawed': Unions push back on pension plan tucked in latest Democratic coronavirus spending measure

White House Adviser: Phase 4 Stimulus Bill Might Not Be Necessary

COBRA subsidies would constrict the economy

Senators Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Expand Funding for Local, State Governments

Sen. Ernst Introduces Bill Denying Millionaires Eligibility for CARES Act’s Extra $600 Jobless Benefit

Abortion-providing Planned Parenthood affiliates improperly applied for and received $80 million in coronavirus stimulus funds, feds say

Small Business Administration asking abortion provider Planned Parenthood affiliates to return $80 million in coronavirus relief funds: Report

Hawley Asks the Small Business Administration How Abortion Provider Planned Parenthood Improperly Received Small-Business Loans

GOP fault lines appear as some press for more relief while others demand a spending pause


Republicans bypass FBI director seeking testimony from agents central to Flynn saga

Senator Calls for Declassification of Email About Oval Office Meeting Featuring Obama

Key Players Offered Contradicting Accounts About Obama White House Discussion of Flynn

McConnell: Senate will 'get answers' to Obama administration 'abuses' involving Trump

McConnell embraces subpoena of Obama-era officials

Lindsey Graham seeks list of Obama officials who unmasked Trump associates

Rand Paul: The Unmasking Controversy Is About More Than A Democrat Conspiracy Against Trump — It’s About Unconstitutional Spying

Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks House Democrats From Reviewing Mueller Grand Jury Materials

House Democrats Tell Supreme Court That Trump Impeachment Investigation Continues

Speaker Pelosi Wants Answers From President Trump Regarding IG Firing

Commerce Policy

Democrats line up against possible Uber-Grubhub merger

Technology Policy

Privacy advocates press House for surveillance bill amendment

Justice Department and Apple reignite dispute over encryption

Reps. Lofgren and Davidson Urge Consideration of Internet Privacy Amendment

Mozilla, Reddit, Twitter call on Congress to protect your browsing privacy


Pro-life voice louder in the House

McConnell taps Rubio as acting chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee

Dem Congressman Admits to Decade-Long Affair with Former Intern

Pelosi Formally Authorizes Remote Voting for House Members for 45 Days — May 20 – July 3

McConnell questions legality of House 'proxy vote' rule

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