Saturday, May 30, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

House passes bill via proxy vote to sanction Chinese officials for Uighur human rights abusesGoes to Trump for Decision

U.S. House approves bill lengthening coronavirus small-business loan terms

National Security

Trump Urges Republicans to Vote ‘NO’ on FISA Bill, Citing Russia Investigation Concerns

Fallout from FISA fiasco

Foreign Policy

US Representative Scott Perry introduces bill to recognize the “Tibet Autonomous Region as a separate, independent country”

Top Senate Democrat says State Dept. is working on new Saudi arms deal

The real virus to the Chinese Communist Party: religious freedom

Pelosi: Hong Kong Security Bill Is a ‘Brazen Move’ for China


Democrats Sue in 13 States to Make ‘Voting at Home’ Mandatory

Federal Spending

Kudlow Says $600 Unemployment Boost Unlikely to Be Extended

GOP Lawmakers Want to Put a Pause on Federal Spending, Fine-tune Previous Funding Programs

States Demanding Biggest Bailouts Do the Least to Control Their Spending, Deficits

Dem Senator Pushes For Bailout for His Own Pension

Amid New Cold War, Congressmen Bet Big on Beating China at Science


Former Acting AG Whitaker: Mueller Laid ‘Obstruction of Justice Trap’ for Trump


Graham Says ‘Good Time’ for Senior Judges to Step Aside to Ensure Conservative Lean in Judiciary

Commerce Policy

Massie: Gov shouldn't be surprised at monopoly behavior it helped create

Technology Policy

House charts path on surveillance legislation

Matt Gaetz Drafting Bill to Drop Big Tech’s Legal Immunity over One-Sided ‘Fact Checks’

Continetti: Bipartisan Coalition Emerging Against Social Media Protections


DOJ Drops Insider Trading Investigation of 3 Senators, Continues Richard Burr Probe

House Republicans ask courts to block proxy votingdraft plan to block pay for lawmakers who vote via proxy during coronavirus pandemic

On first day of virtual Congress, 75 Democrats stayed homeone drove across his state for a rocket launch

Pelosi Hasn’t Been Tested for the CCP Virus

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