Saturday, May 9, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

U.S. Senate Democrats seek coronavirus fund disclosure from businesses as Trump pushes nominees

Senate votes to confirm Trump counterintelligence chief

Senate Fails to Override Trump’s Veto on Iran War Powers Bill

Foreign Policy

Close to 400 Congress Members Urge Pompeo for Arms Embargo on Iran

Congress Backs Australian Call for Investigation Into China Over Coronavirus Deceit

Bipartisan Bill to Oppose Human Rights Abuses Worldwide Amidst Pandemic

Tax Policy

GOP rebuffs payroll tax cut idea

Federal Spending

House Dems go it alone on next relief bill

Continetti: GOP Could Get Payroll Tax Cut by Trading State Bailouts

The coronavirus is outlasting the stimulus

Congress Gave $801 Million to 25 Colleges with $350 Billion in Endowments Via CARES Act

House Democrats drafting another $2 trillion spending bill


Trump moves to replace HHS watchdog, following report on medical shortages

Republicans Request Answers From FBI Director on Flynn Case, Seek to Interview FBI Figures

President says Fauci can testify before GOP-controlled Senate

Trump vetoes resolution to curb war powers against Iran

Seventh Trump veto successful after Senate fails to override block of Iran war powers resolution

Jim Jordan: Wray's FBI failed to turn up missing FISA files

Statement by Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin on the Introduction of Legislation to Transfer the Secret Service Back to Its Original Home at the Treasury Department

Supreme Court Grants Request to Temporarily Block Release of Mueller Grand Jury Documents

Key Players in DNC Hack Response Contradict Comey’s Claims About Access to Servers

Commerce Policy

Bonus Unemployment Benefit Is Costing Jobs and Inhibiting Business Reopenings

Health Care Policy

Axios-Ipsos coronavirus poll: Worries are fading

Steve Scalise lead Republican on House Coronavirus Select Committee

Technology Policy

The “Inventor Rights Act” is an Attack on True Invention

Education Policy

Lawmakers push Betsy DeVos for scrutiny of Chinese funding at U.S. universities

Congress Launches Investigation Into Chinese Infiltration of U.S. Colleges

District of Columbia

Republicans Introduce Bill to Rename Street Outside Chinese Embassy in Honor of Whistle-Blower Doctor


Collins fears testing woes could make senators “super-spreaders

McConnell and Pelosi ‘Respectfully Decline’ Administration’s Offer of Rapid COVID-19 Tests

'We're all anxious': The Senate returns amid the pandemic

The Senate’s return is a test case for the House

McCarthy lays out plan to reopen CongressCalls for House to Go Back Into Session

Senate Legal Counsel Says Secretary Can’t Disclose Joe Biden Records

Mfume Rejoins House, in Vacant Seat of Late Elijah Cummings

Federal Judge Requests Probe Into Whether McConnell Pressured Judge to Retire

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