Saturday, May 16, 2020

House Floor Schedule

From the floor colloquy:
Madam Speaker, Members are advised that no votes are expected in the House next week.

Members are further advised that the House will be in session on Wednesday, May 27, and May 28.

As everyone knows, the Senate has amended the House-passed FISA bill, a very important piece of legislation that will require the House to act again. I expect that to be considered on the 27th.

I also expect conversations to continue on additional legislation addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. The House could vote on COVID-19- related bills on May 27 and 28.

I am pleased that the House has adopted a resolution to allow the committees to work remotely. I look forward to getting our committees back up and running so they can begin having hearings and markups on critical legislation.

Clearly, the House, as it moves forward, needs product.

I have talked to the appropriators.

I know that the WRDA bill is also a bill that we are looking at moving forward.

The National Defense Authorization Act is a bill that we want to see marked up. I talked to Mr. Smith tonight so, hopefully, we will be moving ahead, getting product, and we will be considering that.

We have adopted some rules, not only for committees but for the floor, that will facilitate not only working on legislation but also the safety of our Members and staff.

As the gentleman knows, we have a number of must-pass bills that I have just mentioned. I think I did not mention the surface transportation bill, but I did mention WRDA. As committees begin consideration of these bills, I will be in touch with Members about when they will be scheduled.

Beyond May 27 and May 28, I want all Members to know that they will be given 72 hours' notice of when they would need to be returning to Washington, D.C., for any additional votes.

I would simply say one of the reasons that we are not meeting next week, we are going to give the staff, not only of the committees but of the House, the opportunity to determine exactly how the new rules can be carried out—not in any way to adversely affect either our Republican side of the aisle or the Democratic side of the aisle—and to reflect accurately the votes of Members, whether they are able to get to Washington during this pandemic or not. the pro forma session on Tuesday, we will swear in the two new Members.
Full floor colloquy on the House schedule “for the weeks to come”

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