Saturday, June 13, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

Senate Approves General Charles Brown Jr., First Black Service Chief

Mitch McConnell hammers NYT for 'lying,' folding 'like a house of cards' over Tom Cotton's op-ed — Full Speech

Schumer Blocks Resolution Supporting Justice for Floyd, Opposing Cuts to Police Funding — Resolution, Debate

Senate advances public lands bill in late-night vote

National Security

FISA surveillance powers still pending in Congress

Bipartisan Senate Report Calls for Strengthened, Mandatory Federal Oversight of Chinese Telecoms in US

Foreign Policy

Congressional Republicans to Unveil Largest Iran Sanctions Plan in History

US, Russia Agree on June Nuclear Arms Talks, Invite China: US EnvoyChina Declines to Join

'They want world domination': Australia urged to join 'cold war' on China

Report: Decades of Lax Oversight Allow Chinese Telecoms to Conduct Espionage in U.S.

Advocacy Group Urges Trump Administration to Block Chinese Companies From US Markets

Federal Spending

Senate panel carves out more money for weapons


Fired State Department IG Sent Confidential Info to His Personal Email Accounts


'This anarchy is never acceptable': Jim Jordan asks Barr for briefing on designating antifa as terrorist group

Mitch McConnell decries 'outlandish' push to defund police departments as 'nonsense'

Calls to Defund the Police Are a Losing Bet at the Polls

Top Dems put the kibosh on ‘defund the police’

Democrats face the changing politics of police unions

The Dangers of Vilifying All Police: Former Civil Rights Activist Bob Woodson

The competing police reform bills in Congress

Democrats Unveil Legislation to Bring Sweeping Changes to Law Enforcement in America

Justice in Policing Act has 213 House cosponsors — H.R. 7120

Bill Would Limit Uses of Facial Recognition

Schumer: Senate Democrats will "fight like hell" to pass police reform bill

Dem Rep Calls for ‘Secretary of Reconciliation’ to Eliminate Racism

Senate Republicans' plan for police reform

McConnell Selects Tim Scott to Lead GOP Police Reform Legislation

Sen. Tim Scott delivers scathing rebuke of leftists throwing racial slurs at him on Twitter, reveals truth about Senate Democrats and race

Scott's Challenge: Uniting Senate GOP Behind Police Overhaul

IBM asks Congress for police reform, leaves facial recognition business

Commerce Policy

NRB Urges Congressional Support for Local Radio Freedom Act as Majority Nears

When the Senate Talks About the Internet and Copyright, Note Who They Leave Out

Education Policy

How to safely reopen K-12 schools in the Senate spotlight

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