Saturday, August 1, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

House passes legislation to create Smithsonian Latino museum

House passes bill establishing commission to study racial disparities affecting Black men, boys

Senate rejects dueling coronavirus bills

House votes to end military ban on transgender troops

House adopts Ocasio-Cortez amendments to block HUD rule changes

House approves amendments to rein in federal forces in cities

House passes $1.3T spending bill

Rep. Schweikert sanctioned on House floor

National Security

Why the media don't ask obvious questions about China

Local U.S. Law Enforcement Using Chinese Drones Cited for Espionage Concerns

Republican Senators Introduce the Protecting America From Spies Act

Case for new weapons cites risks in current nuclear arsenal

First Amendment

Sen. Cruz Introduces Bill to Block Federal Funding for Governments Engaged in Religious Discrimination


House Democrats launch investigation into Trump administration's repeal of silencer export ban

Tax Policy

Amid virus aid divide, parties find common ground on tax breaks

Federal Spending

Life issues in H.R. 7617 Appropriations Minibus

Lesko introduces bill to require abortion provider Planned Parenthood to return PPP funding

States Have Spent Little of $150 Billion COVID Relief Fund

Republican leaders release $1 trillion coronavirus stimulus proposal

Senate Republicans propose $200 weekly unemployment checks

Pelosi, Schumer Reject GOP’s CCP Virus Relief Package

Coronavirus relief talks stuck on scope of aid

Monetary Policy

Trump’s Fed Nominee Faces Rocky Confirmation Battle


Democrats demanded answers, then would not allow answers


Raising Judicial Selection Standards

Commerce Policy

Conflicts over workplace safety mount as more employers require COVID-19 liability waivers


Barr testimony delayed after Chairman Jerry Nadler gets into car accident

Rep. Louis Gohmert tests positive for coronavirus

Nancy Pelosi mandates masks on House floor after lawmakers test positive for coronavirus — Floor Announcement — Republican lawmakers comply

House GOP Steering Committee selects four members for new committee positions

House Republican admits to 11 ethics and improper spending violationsHouse Ethics panel recommends $50,000 fine

John Lewis’ best friends in Congress attend his funeral

Could Obama’s call to end Senate filibuster shift the tide?

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