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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

National Security

Teaching hate under the guise of ‘inclusion’ in the US Army

Foreign Policy

As Turkey Pivots Toward Russia, Congress Quietly Halts Arms Sales

State Department watchdog: Saudi arms sales were legal but didn't weigh civilian casualties

Sen. Blumenthal calls classified briefing on Russian interference "absolutely chilling"

GOP Lawmakers Demand ‘Snapback’ of All Sanctions on Iran

McSally and Blackburn Demand China Repay $1.6 Trillion Debt to U.S.


A 2006 law set the stage to burden USPS with $160 billion in debt, $119.3 billion of which came from retiree benefits

First Amendment

Sen. Mike Lee: ‘Religious liberty has to be revered and respected,’ even in a pandemic

Fourth Amendment

House stripped provision blocking funding for a privacy-killing Unique Patient ID

Federal Spending

No signs of breakthrough for stalemated coronavirus talks

Pelosi Takes Heat for Failed Negotiations on Coronavirus Relief Bill


Democrat calls on White House to withdraw ambassador to Belarus nominee

GOP Aides: Trump Nomination for German Ambassador ‘Dead on Arrival’


Prominent D.C. Circuit Judge Stephen Williams Dies


Liability Shield a Key Element of Coronavirus Talks

Education Policy

Sen. Tom Cotton proposes bill to defund New York Times' 1619 Project curricula


Ethics panel opens probe into Rep. Watkins after voter fraud charges

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