Saturday, August 8, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

U.S. Senate confirms Air Force Deputy Chief of Chaplains

Senate endorses New Age medicine

US Senate Votes to Ban TikTok App on Government Devices

Shining a light on blasphemy laws

Foreign Policy

Efforts to slash U.S. funding to Iranian terror group blocked by House Dems

First Amendment

Cruz accuses Pentagon of 'culture of hostility towards religion' after Christian Air Force vet's talk canceled

Fourth Amendment

Civil liberties groups accuse Adam Schiff of protecting unauthorized FBI surveillance of citizens

Two U.S. senators seek ban on collecting customer biometric data without consent

Federal Spending

Democrats’ SNAP Demands Stall Coronavirus Stimulus

Limited disappointment in failed negotiations


Trump considers executive action

Appeals court allows House Democrats to continue lawsuit for Don McGahn testimony


John Lewis's death inspires push for federal control of state election laws

Commerce Policy

Support for Local Radio Freedom Act Surpasses Majority in the House

Senate Banking Committee chairman urges agencies to protect renters, banks

Technology Policy

Big Tech antitrust investigations should focus on consumer welfare

Congress' next moves to rein in Big Tech


Grijalva tests positive for coronavirus

FBI Escalates Investigation Into Ukrainian Oligarch Tied to Mucarsel-Powell

Ethics Committee Orders Tlaib to Return $10,800 in Campaign Funds She Paid Herself

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