Saturday, September 26, 2020

Supreme Court Vacancy Update


Trump to announce Supreme Court nominee at 5 p.m. on Saturday

Trump expected to pick Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court

‘No More Secret Moderates’: Hawley Doubles Down on Call for Anti-Roe SCOTUS Nominee, Sen. Josh Hawley’s pro-life demand could block Trump’s pro-life nominee

Josh Hawley: Senate could confirm a Supreme Court nominee sooner than Halloween

Conservatives Want Trump’s Supreme Court Pick to Have a Record on Roe v. Wade

The Attacks on Judge Barrett Have Already Started

Forestalling a Misunderstanding of Judge Barrett

Abortion stirs GOP tensions in Supreme Court fight, abortion groups mobilizing

Senate Timing

Fill the Supreme Court Vacancy

McConnell’s Position Is Consistent with His 2016 PositionWhat Mitch McConnell Said

Republican senator says plans to confirm justice before election 'consistent with the precedent'

Blunt says vote on Trump court nominee different than 2016 because White House, Senate in 'political agreement'

Graham: GOP will confirm Trump's Supreme Court nominee before the election

Senators Supporting: Tillis, Alexander, Murkowski, Gardner, Romney, Toomey

McConnell locks down key GOP votes in Supreme Court fight

McConnell: 'We’re going to vote on this nomination'

Confirmation Can Be Both Swift and Thorough

Is there enough time to confirm a Supreme Court nominee by November?

McConnell: Senate has 'more than sufficient time' to process Supreme Court nomination

Why the SCOTUS nomination could move quickly, beginning Oct. 12

Confirmation hearing for Trump's Supreme Court pick to start Oct. 12

Republicans prep lightning quick Supreme Court confirmation

Republican senators share plan to move SCOTUS nominee from committee to floor vote

Full Speed Ahead

Confirmation Process

Democrats worry Feinstein can’t handle Supreme Court battle

Feinstein 'surprised and taken aback' by suggestion she's not up for Supreme Court fight

McCarthy eyes long-odds plan to remove Pelosi from speakership if she pursues second impeachment

Impeach Trump over Supreme Court? House Democrats say not so fast


Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly could spoil GOP post-election push to confirm Ginsburg replacement before inauguration

The left channels its fury toward McConnell

McConnell's home draws protesters after Supreme Court comments

Schumer: 'Nothing is off the table' if GOP moves forward with Ginsburg replacement

Pelosi: House will use 'every arrow in our quiver' to stop Trump Supreme Court nominee

Biden Says He Will Not Release Supreme Court List to Avoid Politicizing Court

Lists of possible Biden nominees: NRO, Axios

Biden: I’m Not Going to Say Whether I’ll Try to Expand the Supreme Court

Democratic leaders: Supreme Court fight is about ObamaCare

Democrats step up hardball tactics as Supreme Court fight heats up

Democrats destroy their own Supreme Court case

Democratic senator to party: 'A little message discipline wouldn't kill us'

Supreme Court Institution

Senator Blunt: Democrats Will Try to Pack the Court Regardless

Democrats shoot down talk of expanding Supreme Court

Dick Durbin Says There’s ‘No Serious Conversation’ Among Dems to Pack the Supreme Court

Mazie Hirono says packing Supreme Court is 'long-overdue court reform'

Senate Institution

Jon Tester Opens the Door to Nuking the Senate’s Legislative Filibuster

Supreme Court fight pushes Senate toward brink

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