Saturday, October 3, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

House passes bills to secure energy sector against cyberattacksH.R. 360

House declines to remove references to Confederacy-supporting parties in CapitolH.Res. 1148

House affirms peaceful transfer of powerH.Res. 1155

McConnell blasts Democratic opposition to Barrett nominationFloor Speech

Senate passes spending bill to avert shutdown hours before deadlineH.R. 8337

Senate rejects bill undermining Executive Branch amid Supreme Court fight51-43

Steve King defends comments on Western CivilizationFull Speech

House approves $2.2T COVID-19 relief bill as White House talks stallH.R. 925

Bill to expand support for community addiction treatment passes House — H.R. 5572

House condemns alleged hysterectomies on migrant womenH.Res. 1153Pro-Life Implications

House condemns QAnonH.Res. 1154

Prayer Caucus Chairman Walberg led the House in prayer for the President

Foreign Policy

House Republican China task force releases recommendations

'We must hold them accountable': Sen. Kelly Loeffler blames China for Trump COVID-19 diagnosis


Pelosi preparing for House to decide presidency if neither Trump or Biden win electoral college: report

Pelosi raises possibility of becoming acting president in chaotic election outcome

Federal Spending

Trump Signs Stopgap Spending Bill Averting Shutdown

Pelosi knocks Republicans for insufficient funds in COVID-19 relief offer

House Republican leaders rally opposition to Democrats' scaled-down COVID bill

Republicans cool to White House's $1.6T coronavirus price tag

Republicans press for vote on Paycheck Protection Program legislation

Trump's illness sparks new urgency for COVID-19 deal

Travel CEOs plead to Congress for relief as airlines furlough tens of thousands

Stand-alone bill to provide relief for airlines not considered on House floorH.R. 8504

Amid failed talks with White House, House Democrats pass their own relief billH.R. 925

Lawmakers hit campaign trail without a new COVID-19 aid lawNegotiations Continue

Just Defund Abortion Provider Planned Parenthood Already — Here’s How


Top House Republican calls for criminal investigation into Trump tax returns leak

Grassley says disclosing Trump's tax records without authorization could violate law

McConnell on Trump coronavirus test: Let's continue to pray for 'all those impacted by COVID-19'

Congress can counteract a COVID-19-caused constitutional crisis


Trump, Republicans aim to complete reshaping of federal judiciary

Court packing: ‘A Measure Which Should Be So Emphatically Rejected’

Manchin opposes adding justices to the court

Mitch McConnell Should Try to Cap the Number of Justices at Nine

Commerce Policy

Asbestos ban stalls in HouseH.R. 1603

Health Care Policy

Pelosi: Hopefully Trump diagnosis yields 'saner approach' to tackling coronavirus

Technology Policy

Senators call on Trump to oppose nationalizing 5G

Senate Republicans Take Aim at Section 230 Liability Protections for Social Media Companies ahead of November Election


Democrats Want Term Limits for the Supreme Court but not Themselves

Senate Republicans say security heightened amid Supreme Court debate

House proxy voting extended until Nov. 16

McConnell after Trump COVID-19 test: We're keeping an eye on senators

Schumer demands Senate coronavirus testing program after Trump diagnosis

Calls for COVID-19 tests at Capitol grow after Trump tests positive

Pelosi tests negative for COVID-19

Senator Mike Lee Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Jim Jordan tests negative for COVID-19

Sen. Thom Tillis tests positive for coronavirus

Sen. Ron Johnson tests positive for coronavirus

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