Saturday, October 10, 2020

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

McConnell moves to delay Senate return after 3 lawmakers test positive for COVID-19

Foreign Policy

US troop withdrawal from Germany still worries Congress and Baltic allies

Scott asks Senate panel to pass resolution pushing to strip 2022 Olympic games from China

Federal Spending

House COVID-19 relief bill allows funds for abortion

Pelosi and Trump negotiators discuss new $1.8 trillion coronavirus aid offer from Trump

'Insufficient': Pelosi rejects latest White House aid offer

Senate Republicans lambaste potential coronavirus deal

Relief bill hitting voters before election is unlikely

No more stimulus needed: Time to get on with the new economy


Democrats launch investigation into Trump's Walter Reed meeting with visitors

'The president wants transparency': Mark Meadows says more Russia investigation documents will be released soon

Democrats unveil bill creating panel to gauge president's 'capacity'could apply to Biden

Pelosi claims new bill authorizing Congress to remove president is 'not about' Trump

Democrats' 25th Amendment proposal would not make it much easier to remove a president


Biden Says He Will Announce Position on Court Packing ‘When the Election Is Over’

Land Policy

How much more has to burn before Congress fixes forest management?

Health Care Policy

Shalala corrects Spicer on HIPAA: 'I should know, I wrote it'

Democrats seek to nationalize a coronavirus plan


Sen. Pat Toomey won't run for reelection in 2022

Congressional reporters call on Pelosi, McConnell to expand COVID-19 testing in Capitol

Rep. Carbajal tests positive for COVID-19

Rep. Mike Bost tests positive for COVID-19

Fearing coronavirus, Pelosi bans Mnuchin from her office

Democrats' filibuster gamble would backfire

Nancy Pelosi's obsession with removing Trump

Loeffler unveils resolution condemning Pelosi for comments on 25th Amendment

Will America Survive the Arrows in Pelosi's Quiver?

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