Saturday, October 10, 2020

Supreme Court Nominee Update


Empirical SCOTUS: A comprehensive look at Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Barrett Sees No 'Superprecedent' in Roe

Trump pick noncommittal on recusing from election-related cases


21 Republican lieutenant governors sign letter backing Barrett confirmation

POLL: Support for Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Confirmation Has Jumped Since Nomination

Polling shows support for Amy Coney Barrett's swift Senate confirmation is on the rise

Voters Back Barrett Confirmation by Double-Digit Margin in New Poll

Why the public, even liberals, should want Amy Coney Barrett

Committee Outlook

Amy Coney Barrett tells Senate panel she signed ad decrying Roe v. Wade as 'infamous' 

Senator Graham Schedules Judiciary Committee Hearings October 12-15 for Amy Coney Barrett

Dems to focus on issues, not character, at Barrett hearings

Floor Outlook

McConnell: Plan is to confirm Trump's Supreme Court pick before election

Republicans vow quick confirmation of Trump's Supreme Court pick amid coronavirus turmoil

COVID-19 outbreak in Republican caucus complicates Barrett confirmation

Coronavirus shutters Senate floor, Barrett confirmation won't be delayed

Tom Cotton: 'No doubt' coronavirus won't stop confirmation of SCOTUS nominee

COVID infections intensify battle over Barrett confirmation timeline

'I'll go in a moon suit': Ron Johnson says he will try to vote for Amy Coney Barrett even if COVID-19 positive

Cruz on confirming Trump's Supreme Court nominee: 'We have the votes'

The Biggest Threat to Amy Coney Barrett's Confirmation
Mitch McConnell has been warning his colleagues they need to be healthy and present for Senate votes.

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