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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Supreme Court Nominee Update

Confirmation Hearings

Biden cautions Senate Democrats against any questions about Amy Coney Barrett's faith

US Senate Kicks Off Sprint to Confirm Barrett Before Election Day

Amy Coney Barrett's opening statement

Barrett Tells Senate She Will Interpret Laws ‘As They Are Written’

Barrett hearings, day one: Opening statements on health care, religion and the Supreme Court’s role

Ted Cruz points out Senate Democrats aren't even talking about Amy Coney Barrett during her confirmation hearing

‘You Would Be Getting Justice Barrett’: Barrett Urges Senate Judiciary Committee Not To Assume She Will Judge Like Scalia

Amy Coney Barrett testifies during Senate confirmation hearings

Barrett hearings, day two: “I have no agenda”

Amy Coney Barrett: Judge's blank notepad goes viral

Election issues loom large in Senate questioning of Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court seat

Nearly 300 St. Mary’s Dominican High Alums Urge The Senate to Confirm Judge Barrett

Sen. Whitehouse, against Judge Barrett, shows huge hypocrisy about ‘dark money’

'Empty chairs': Senate GOP accuses Democrats of abandoning confirmation hearing

Whitehouse Cites Group Funded by Dark Money to Attack Dark Money

Why Barrett is the anti-Kavanaugh

Merriam-Webster adds 'offensive' to definition of 'sexual preference' amid controversy over Barrett using phrase during Senate hearing

Barrett hearings, day three: more questions from senators

12 Cases of Defensive Gun Use Underline Importance of a Justice Barrett

Senate Panel Wraps Confirmation Hearings

Symposium: A close look at Barrett’s rulings on qualified immunity

Barrett hearings, day four: A sense of inevitability from both sides of the aisle

Confirmation Decision

Graham lays groundwork for committee vote on Supreme Court pick

Senate Judiciary Chairman Dismisses Democrat Quorum Threats

Senate Democrats unlikely to boycott Barrett confirmation vote despite procedural gripes

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