Saturday, November 7, 2020

Congress Update

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Foreign Policy

Congress Probes Claim U.N. Gave Names of Uighur Dissidents to China

World Leaders Anxiously Watch Race for White House


‘The Squad’ Defends Socialism After Scuffle With House Democrats

Second Amendment

Kansas Democrat Loses Senate Race After Endorsing Gun Confiscation

Federal Spending

McConnell says he wants coronavirus deal by end of year

McConnell: Signs of Economic Recovery Point to Smaller COVID-19 Stimulus


Brit Hume: GOP Keeping Senate Would Be ‘The Best Thing That Could Happen’ To Biden If He Wins

Health Care Policy

Health Care Stocks Skyrocket In Response To A Likely GOP Senate

Technology Policy

Justice Tells Hill it Should Consider Jettisoning Section 230

Education Policy

Congress has a responsibility to investigate the costs of prolonged school closures


The GOP’s stunningly good night

Control of US Senate Hangs in Balance

Senate Republicans, defying polls, appear on path to hold majority

Democrats, Republicans each flip one Senate seat in battle for control of the chamber

John Delaney Blames Senate Loss On ‘Court-Packing’ Rhetoric

House Republicans Defy Polls, Set to Make Gains against Democrats

Multiple Republicans Knock Off Democrat Members Of Congress In Races

House losses all have come on Democratic side so far

Democrats poised to keep House majority

Cawthorn to become youngest member of House

Far-Left ‘Squad 2.0’ Set to Join Congress

Let the soul-searching begin

Dem leaders warn caucus not to veer left before Georgia runoff complete

'It was a failure': Furious House Democrats unload as leadership promises answers after election losses

Report: Congresswoman Unloads Over ‘Failure’ In House Elections: ‘No One Should Say ‘Defund The Police’ Ever Again’

Pelosi announces COVID-19 testing expansion for House

Pelosi launches formal bid for Speaker in next Congress

Can She Survive? Some Democrats Mull Ousting House Speaker Pelosi After Dismal Election Showing

Dem losses could lead to calls for leadership changes in Congress

Race for House ag chair heats up

Rick Scott running to chair Senate GOP campaign arm

Floor Outlook

Senate Republicans sit quietly as Trump challenges vote counts

McConnell Plans to Fill 2 Circuit Court Vacancies Regardless of Election Outcome

Coronavirus relief bill, omnibus spending on tap, McConnell says

Control of the US Senate Comes Down to 2 Close Georgia Races

We Won’t Know Who Controls The Senate For 2 More Months

Graham: Senate may confirm Trump judges into 2021

GOP hold on Senate would eliminate top Biden threat to Trump deregulatory efforts

With a slimmer House majority, Democrats may have to compromise on infrastructure

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