Saturday, November 14, 2020

Congress Update

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Related Headlines:

McConnell declines in floor speech to congratulate Biden as president-elect, Says Trump ‘Within His Rights’ To Request Recount

National Security

Would Biden WH, GOP Senate Prevent Defense-Spending Dip?

Foreign Policy

Dr. Rand Paul: ‘Defend Religious Freedom by Defunding Religious Persecution’


39 GOP House Members Send Letter To Barr: Investigate Voter Fraud

McConnell: We’ll ‘Have No Lectures’ From Those Who Spent 4 Years ‘Refusing To Accept’ 2016 Election

Puerto Rico finds uncounted ballots in vault week after election

FEC Chairman Says He Believes ‘There Is Voter Fraud’ in Key States

Second Amendment

Kennedy introduces legislation to protect veterans’ Second Amendment rights

Federal Spending

Senate GOP funds border wall, setting up clash with Democrats ahead of Dec. 11 spending deadline

Senate GOP lays out priorities for fiscal 2021 spending

Citing threats, Senate Republicans seek Capitol Police funding boost

McConnell pushing for 'highly targeted' COVID-19 relief deal

Pelosi, Weakened by Election, Calls for Large Fiscal Response


Georgia Senate Runoffs Hold The Key To Tempering A Progressive Biden Administration

GOP senator: Biden Cabinet picks would be a 'discussion' with Republican Senate


Nancy Pelosi refuses to denounce socialism during press conference

Technology Policy

Congress must modernize copyright law to curb mass online theft

Congress considers sending antitrust law back to the Middle Ages

Pressure grows to reinstall White House cyber czar


Republicans Pick Up Tenth House Seat With New York Victory

Rundown of the House seats Democrats, GOP flipped on Election Day

Meet the Diverse Field of GOP House Flippers

House members-elect arrive for orientation

New House member orientation features significant shifts

Next Congress will have fewer veterans, but they could be influential

Libertarian-leaning Republicans make small gains in Congress

‘The Squad’ Defends Socialism After Scuffle With House Democrats

Moderate Dem Elissa Slotkin Vows Not to Support Nancy Pelosi for House Speaker

House report says lawmakers could securely cast remote votes amid pandemic

Republicans warn against possible 'vote by text' plan in House

House GOP proposed conference rules change sparks concern

Alaska Congressman Don Young tests positive for COVID-19

Republicans Secure Half of Total US Senate Seats

McConnell and Schumer reelected to leadership posts

Senate GOP picks Florida’s Rick Scott as NRSC chairman

Joe Manchin Commits To Vote Against Packing Courts And Eliminating Senate Filibuster, then ‘Abolish The Senate’ Trends On The Left

Two runoff races in one state will determine Senate control

Georgia’s Senate Race Heats Up

What’s At Stake In The Georgia Senate Races

Schumer: If Democrats Win The Senate Through Georgia Races, We Will ‘Change America’

Georgia Poll Shows Pro-Life Senate Candidates Perdue and Loeffler Leading Pro-Abortion Opponents

Lindsey Graham To Donate $1 Million To Help Loeffler, Perdue In Georgia Senate Races

Rubio Campaigns for GOP Candidates in ‘Showdown of All Showdowns’ Georgia Senate Runoffs

Committee Activity

Graham vows Senate Judiciary will investigate 'voting irregularities'

Graham to urge McConnell to probe mail-in voting if GOP controls Senate next year

House Democrats order Trump administration to 'preserve information' during transition

USPS employee alleging ballot fraud in Pennsylvania recants claims, House panel says; USPS employee denies claim, says he was subjected to coerced 4-hour interrogation

5 Takeaways From Senate Probe Of Andrew McCabe On The FBI’s Faulty Russia Investigation

Floor Outlook

Controversial Trump nominee Judy Shelton to pass Senate next week

A peek inside the House next year

Election results blunt threat of a left-leaning Senate agenda

With Congress Stacked Against Him, Biden Prepares for First Hundred Days

Biden vows to enact Equality Act in first 100 days

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