Saturday, November 21, 2020

Congress Update

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Related Headlines:

US Senate Passes Anti-Doping Sports BillH.R. 835

Shelton Fed nomination fails Senate procedure vote47-50

GOP senators congratulate Harris on Senate floor

House Passes Bill To Reform Plane Certification Process After Two Boeing 737 Max CrashesH.R. 8408

GOP Congressman Defends Newsom’s Decision To Attend Dinner Party

National Security

Trump Installs Senate-Rejected Retired General As Pentagon Policy Chief

Mitch McConnell warns against 'premature American exit' from Afghanistan

Foreign Policy

Analysis: Congress unlikely to tie Trump’s hands on Afghan plan

Biden China Policy Faces Potential Congressional Backlash


How Congress May Make Trump Win

Dershowitz: Trump May Seek to Deny Biden 270 Electoral Votes, Put Election in Congress

FEC Chairman: If Sidney Powell Says There Was Rampant Voter Fraud, ‘I Believe Her’

Rep. Brooks: Congress Has ‘Absolute Right’ to Reject a State’s Electoral College Votes

House Republicans Call for Congressional Probe Into Integrity of 2020 Election

Pennsylvania House of Representatives Votes for Audit of 2020 Presidential Election

Congress Has Last Word in Election: Brooks

Sidney Powell: Trump Team Will Prove Case ‘Within Next Two Weeks’ in Court

Federal Spending

McConnell, Pelosi hunt for funding deal as shutdown deadline looms

Mnuchin Calls on Congress to Unlock $580 Billion of Unspent Stimulus Money


McConnell Claims the Presidential Transition Will ‘Happen Right on Time’

Technology Policy

Facebook and Twitter share secret joint ‘task platform’ to coordinate censorship, Senate hearing reveals

Tech perspective: The Senate's Section 230 hearing covered a lot of ground

Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Section 230 Reform


Pelosi extends proxy voting until 2021

Nancy Pelosi's proxy-voting scheme is unconstitutional

Democrat Party is So Radically Pro-Abortion There’s Really No More Pro-Life Democrats in Congress

House Democrats Asking Members Not To Join Biden Administration For Fear Of Losing Majority

Pelosi Spokesman Denies Report House Leaders Advising Democrats Not to Join Biden

House launches new COVID-19 testing program

Another Covid wave hits the Capitol

6 lawmakers in 5 days: New COVID-19 infections put spotlight on Congress' loose guidelines

Chuck Grassley, the Senate's oldest Republican has tested positive for COVID-19

Grassley Senate vote streak is over, misses his first roll call in 27 years

McConnell speaks about Senator Chuck Grassley on the Senate floor

Democrats nominate Pelosi to keep Speakership

Nominated for another Speaker term, Pelosi says it's her last

After big election gains, House GOP reelects McCarthy as minority leader

Hoyer calls for changing House rules to shield whistleblowers

House Budget chairman seeks to end committee’s term limits

Newly elected youngest member of Congress defends sharing his faith

Ethics Committee continues its deferral of probe into Rep. Ross Spano

Committee Activity

Biden says it’s a good thing his ‘colleague’ Kamala Harris is still on the Senate Intelligence Committee

Senate panel considers slate of three nominees to the FEC

House committee chairs demand briefing from GSA head on presidential transition

Floor Outlook

Meadows meets with Senate GOP to discuss end-of-year priorities

House Democrats pledge to make racial justice central to 2021 legislative agenda

Pelosi, Democrats renew push to overhaul election, campaign finance laws

For progressives, the House is as big a problem as the Senate

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