Saturday, November 28, 2020

Congress Update

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Prior Week Speeches:

Sen. Lankford on Religious Freedom and the Third Ministerial to Advance Freedom of Religion

Sen. McSally farewell speech

National Security

House Democrats Back Provision in NDAA To Rename Bases in 3 Years

Foreign Policy

White House Pulls US Out of Open Skies Treaty With Russia


Pennsylvania House Votes for Non-Partisan 2020 Election Audit

Here's how Trump wins: Take fight to House where rules favor GOP

‘There Was in Fact Fraud That Took Place:’ FEC Chairman Trey Trainor

House Republicans stand by Trump through difficult election legal battles

GOP Chair: Republicans Have to Find ‘Every Single Irregularity’

Second Amendment

Biden’s Gun-Registration Scheme Would Cost Firearm Owners Billions — If It Passed Congress and Americans Complied

Federal Spending

Top adviser to Biden says he would 'absolutely' meet with Mitch McConnell now on relief package

23 House Democrats urged to keep their word to discharge COVID-19 relief bill


GSA offers to brief Congress next week on presidential transition


Pro-Life Leaders: We Need the Senate to Stop Joe Biden’s Abortion Agenda if He Wins

Health Care Policy

White House Unveils Distribution Plan For Operation Warp Speed Vaccines

Vaccine Czar: COVID-19 Immunizations Could Begin In Three Weeks

CDC director: COVID-19 vaccine will be rolled out second week in December

Trump Says CCP Virus Vaccine Could Be Delivered as Early as Next Week

White House coronavirus task force calls for a 'significant behavior change' from Americans

Technology Policy

4 highlights from Senate social media censorship hearing

Congress Is Eyeing Face Recognition, and Companies Want a Say


GOP ‘Freedom Force’ Vows to Fight Socialism, Counter ‘The Squad’ in House

Opening of 117th Congress will be different due to pandemic

Newly-Elected Congresswoman Asks Capitol Police For Permission To Carry Her Glock

Five House Democrats who could join Biden Cabinet

Feinstein to step down as top Democrat on Judiciary Committee

Whitehouse says Democratic caucus will decide future of Judiciary Committee

Graham Set to Chair Senate Budget Committee if Republicans Control Senate

House Democrat tests positive for COVID-19 day after her mother's death

8 U.S. House Races Still Have Not Been Called. Republicans Lead All 8 Races.

Committee Activity

Republican Senate Committee Gears Up to Fight Potential Irregularities and ‘Voter Refugee’ Phenomenon in Georgia Runoffs

Senate Intel Republicans Ask DOJ to Declassify Notes from FBI Interview with Miles Taylor

Floor Outlook

McConnell Pushing Forward, Confirming Judges

House To Vote On Kamala Harris Bill Which Would Legalize Marijuana Next Week

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