Saturday, December 19, 2020

Congress Update

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Related Headlines:

Senate Chaplain Prays About Electoral College VotePrayer

McConnell congratulates Biden on White House winFull Speech

Senate confirms two more Trump judicial nominees, including replacement for Amy Coney Barrett on Appeals Court

Senate blocks religious freedom resolution — Floor Debate

Majority Leader McConnell tribute to Sen. Pat Roberts

Outgoing Rep. Cunningham opens beer on House floor in goodbye toast to bipartisanship

Congress passes 2-day spending bill, Trump signs


House Dems Consider Panel to Decide on Seating Two GOP Winners

Senate GOP leaders seek to put an end to election disputes

Top Judiciary Democrat's bill would criminalize threats to election officials

McConnell urges GOP senators not to object to Electoral College vote

Another GOP Congressman Says He’ll Likely Challenge Electoral College Votes in January

Supreme Court Rules Against Counting Illegal Immigrants For Congressional Redistricting

Second Amendment

Pelosi Calls for Congress To Pass Gun Control While Marking Sandy Hook Anniversary


House Democrat introduces bill to overhaul temporary guest worker visa program

Federal Spending

Congress' annual penchant for spending unpunctuality

Top Senate Democrat chastises Pelosi for delays on COVID-19 aid package

McConnell getting much of what he wants in emerging relief deal

Here’s what’s holding up the stimulus deal

‘Swamp Politics’: House GOP Members Urge Trump to Veto Massive Spending Bill

US Congress Wrangles Over Details of Coronavirus Economic Aid

McConnell Slams Delay in COVID Relief Bill: ‘Some Have Died While Needless Political Games Have Played Out’

McConnell 'more optimistic' about a coronavirus relief deal

$600 Checks Will Make It in Stimulus Package: White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow

End in Sight on COVID Relief


Senate GOP warns Biden against picking Sally Yates as attorney general

Biden Pledges to Work with Senate GOP Leader on Some Issues

Pelosi, Hoyer nod to support for Haaland as Biden weighs Interior pick

Congressional panel announces guest limits at Biden inauguration


‘The time has come’ to abandon Hyde Amendment: House Democrat

Commerce Policy

Congress replaces war on marijuana with a war on nicotine

Agriculture Policy

Roberts leaves Senate with warning about attacks on food supply

Health Care Policy

House and Senate panels reach deal to end surprise medical billing

MSSNY: surprise billing agreement is a ‘giveaway to already enormously profitable insurance companies at the expense of community physicians on the front lines during the pandemic’

AAPS Warns of Surprise Attack on Patients’ Choices


Congress' new crop of diverse Republicans face option of joining Democrat-leaning minority caucuses. Will they?

Pelosi warns lawmakers they'll be barred from speaking on House floor without a mask

Big-name House Republicans sign letter demanding Pelosi remove Swalwell from intelligence committee

McCarthy, Pelosi receive FBI briefing on Swalwell

Rep. Chris Stewart: Chinese Spies Targeted Multiple Members of Congress

South Carolina Republican tests positive for coronavirus hours after speaking on House floor

Alabama Congressman Latest Lawmaker To Test Positive For COVID-19

Congress gets access to COVID-19 vaccine

‘Leaders Eat Last’: GOP Lawmaker Objects To Congress Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine Before Americans

Palazzo subject of House Ethics Committee inquiry

House Democrats cope with Biden administration pilfering from their slim majority

Committee Activity

Hunter Biden’s Attorney Refusing to Cooperate With Congress, Lawmaker Says

Ron Johnson Calls Out Gary Peters For Lying About Russian Disinformation

Multiple Witnesses Testify on Election Irregularities at Senate Hearing

Democrat rips Sackler family, Purdue doctors during House questioning

Senate Finance Committee Request Immediate Briefing by IRS on If the SolarWinds Hack Impacted Taxpayer Data

Senate Armed Services leaders say massive hack bears 'hallmarks of a Russian intelligence operation'

House chairman to press ahead for McGahn testimony in new year

Floor Outlook

McConnell: Senate will not adjourn without passing virus aid package

McConnell tees up weekend votes on nominations as coronavirus talks drag

Congress girds for possible veto override votes on defense bill

What will the new Congress bring?

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