Saturday, December 26, 2020

Congress Update

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Related Headlines:

Senate GOP absences snag Trump nominees

Congress passes year-end COVID-19 relief, omnibus deal

Senator Grassley speaks on Sunday convening of 117th Congress

Congress passes $2.3T coronavirus relief, government funding deal, Sends to Trump

Pelosi Splits Off COVID Relief Package After Progressives Balk At Spending Bill

Congress approves COVID-19 ‘relief’ deal loaded with left-wing pork, Trump may veto

GOP Blocks Standalone $2,000 Stimulus Payments Bill, House To Vote On Proposal Monday

National Security

Trump Vetoes Defense Bill, Despite Strong Backing in Congress

Foreign Policy

Majority Of House Democrats Endorse Return To Iran Deal


Will House Democrats Seat the Iowa Republican Who Won by Six Votes?

Tommy Tuberville alludes support for Senate challenge to Electoral College decision

Congressman Matt Gaetz Will Join Republicans Challenging Electoral College Vote

House conservatives huddle at White House to plan challenging election results

All Eyes on Congress as Lawmakers Vow to Oppose Electoral Votes

Iowa Democrat Hart Asks House to Overturn Her Election Loss

New York House margin race down to 3 to 5 votes out of hundreds of thousands cast

Federal Spending

Trump Signs Stopgap Funding Bill; Congress Awaits His Approval of $892 Billion COVID Aid

Democrats Call for More Relief After $900 Billion Package Clears Congress

Pelosi responds to Trump: Let's push for $2K checks 'this week'

Pelosi Urges Trump To Sign Relief Bill After Attempt To Boost Stimulus Checks Fails

US Spending Bill Awaits Trump’s Decision

Monetary Policy

Toomey praises end of Federal Reserve lending programs, will support relief deal


Barrasso: Biden nominees will have to 'run the gauntlet' if GOP controls Senate

McConnell vows to hold votes on Biden's Cabinet picks


McConnell says he'll 'insist' liability protections are in any 2021 coronavirus deal

Commerce Policy

Senate Report Says Boeing Officials ‘Inappropriately Coached’ 737 MAX Test Pilots, Reveals FAA Lapses

Health Care Policy

Congress, in omnibus bill, expects medical diagnoses before examinations


House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Leader McConnell get COVID-19 vaccine, the rest of Congress to follow

Small Group in Congress Decline to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

McCarthy Says Swalwell ‘Should Not Be on Intel’ Committee after FBI Briefing, Calls on FBI to Brief Full Intel Committee on Swalwell’s Ties to Alleged Chinese Spy

Slim majority of Democrats in new poll say Pelosi should retain Speakership

The 'Squad' fires warning shot by shunning Pelosi on key party-line vote

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla to replace Harris in Senate, become state’s first Latino senator

Proposed Senate Replacement for Harris Comes With Ethical Questions

Losing Democratic Candidate Who Is Asking House To Intervene In Election Was On Chinese Payrolls, Financial Disclosures Show

House Democratic Rep. Rick Larsen tests positive for COVID-19

New York Could Lose A Seat In Congress Next Year, Ocasio-Cortez’s District Likely Targeted For Change

Committee Activity

McCarthy Calls For Entire Intel Committee To Receive Briefing On Alleged Swalwell Spy

YouTube Removes Trump Lawyer’s Opening Statement From Senate Committee Hearing

House panel subpoenas for Azar, Redfield CDC documents

Floor Outlook

McConnell: Senate to return December 29 for potential Trump veto override vote

House must come home to begin a new Congress

Senate circulates 2021 calendar

McConnell says Senate will hold votes on Biden nominees

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