Thursday, August 6, 2020

Senate endorses New Age medicine

Last night, the Senate offered yoga and alternative medicine a promotion in U.S. law.

In 2016, Public Law 114-198 established a commission known as the Creating Options for Veterans' Expedited Recovery or COVER Commission.

Its duties included examining available research on “complementary and integrative health” treatment for “mental health issues” and to “identify what benefits could be made with the inclusion” of “(A) music therapy; (B) equine therapy; (C) training and caring for service dogs; (D) yoga therapy; (E) acupuncture therapy; (F) meditation therapy; (G) outdoor sports therapy; (H) hyperbaric oxygen therapy; (I) accelerated resolution therapy; (J) art therapy; (K) magnetic resonance therapy; and (L) other therapies the Commission determines appropriate.”

This is the first mention of yoga in the United States Code.

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