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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Congressional Outlook

Committee Activity

Lindsey Graham reveals DOJ attorney letter responding to issues with FISA applications

Lindsey Graham floats inviting Andrew Weissmann to testify

Comey defends FBI Russia probe from Republican criticism

Republicans slam Comey for evading questions about FBI Russia investigation

Mike Lee to James Comey: 'You don’t seem to know anything about this investigation that you ran'

James Comey denies going 'rogue' with Flynn interview

House intelligence panel report: US intelligence community has 'not sufficiently adapted' to rise of China

Porter brings back whiteboard to grill former pharma CEO on cancer drug price hike

Senate committee subpoenas tech CEOS, heads of Facebook, Google, and Twitter

Maxine Waters and Azar in heated exchange at coronavirus hearing: 'We're very unhappy'

Top House lawmakers launch investigation into Pentagon redirecting COVID-19 funds

Floor Outlook

McConnell tees up judicial nominees amid Supreme Court standoff

Senate GOP set to vote on Trump's Supreme Court pick before election

Congress Last Week

Weekly Digest of the Congressional Record

Floor Activity Headlines

House passes bills to secure energy sector against cyberattacksH.R. 360

House declines to remove references to Confederacy-supporting parties in CapitolH.Res. 1148

House affirms peaceful transfer of powerH.Res. 1155

McConnell blasts Democratic opposition to Barrett nominationFloor Speech

Senate passes spending bill to avert shutdown hours before deadlineH.R. 8337

Senate rejects bill undermining Executive Branch amid Supreme Court fight51-43

Steve King defends comments on Western CivilizationFull Speech

House approves $2.2T COVID-19 relief bill as White House talks stallH.R. 925

Bill to expand support for community addiction treatment passes House — H.R. 5572

House condemns alleged hysterectomies on migrant womenH.Res. 1153Pro-Life Implications

House condemns QAnonH.Res. 1154

Prayer Caucus Chairman Walberg led the House in prayer for the President

Supreme Court Nominee Update

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