Saturday, May 15, 2021

Congress Update

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Tuesday, 5/11

61-37, Senate confirmed the nomination of Andrea Joan Palm, of Wisconsin, to be Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services.

54-44, Senate confirmed the nomination of Cynthia Minette Marten, of California, to be Deputy Secretary of Education.

52-47, Senate passed S.J.Res. 15; A joint resolution providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, of the rule submitted by the Office of the Comptroller of Currency relating to “National Banks and Federal Savings Associations as Lenders”.

Liz Cheney defiant in floor speech ahead of House GOP vote to oust her as conference chairFull Speech

Wednesday, 5/12

House fails to quickly pass drug bill amid Jan. 6 tensions — H.R. 1629 — to have more debate next week

51-48, Senate agreed to the nomination of the Motion to Discharge: Chiquita Brooks-LaSure to be Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services from the Committee on Finance.

69-30 and 66-32, Senate confirmed the first and second nominations of Ronald Stroman, of the District of Columbia, to be a Governor of the United States Postal Service.

Speaking on IsraelRepublican Leader McConnellSen. Lee

Senate declined to agree to S.Res. 136, A resolution recognizing the duty of the Senate to abandon Modern Monetary Theory and recognizing that the acceptance of Modern Monetary Theory would lead to higher deficits and higher inflation.

Thursday, 5/13

59-38, Senate confirmed the nomination of Amber Faye McReynolds, of Colorado, to be a Governor of the United States Postal Service.

House passed:
H.R.2547: Comprehensive Debt Collection Improvement Act
H.R.2877: Behavioral Intervention Guidelines Act of 2021

89-7, Senate confirmed the nomination of Donet Dominic Graves, Jr., of Ohio, to be Deputy Secretary of Commerce.

Senate passed S. 593, Alaska Tourism Recovery Act

Rep. Wasserman Schultz spoke on Israel

A preview of how America could turn away from Israel, from the House floor

Friday, 5/14

House passes bill mandating accommodations for pregnant workers — H.R. 1065

Pro-Life Members of Congress File Resolution Honoring Pregnancy Centers Saving Babies From Abortion — S.Res. 207

The Senate passed a resolution, S.Res. 215, honoring National Police Week. The House did not pass a resolution honoring National Police Week, but they did speak for an hour on the topic.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Secretary Becerra on Partial Birth Abortion Ban

Today, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra testified during a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Subcommittee on Health on the Department's annual budget for next year. (Full recording)

During the hearing, Secretary Becerra responded to questions about the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 (18 U.S. Code § 1531) by initially denying that the law existed and then by sidestepping further questions about whether he would enforce it.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Congress Update

Daily Digests: M 4/26 • T 4/27 • W 4/28 • Th 4/29 • F 4/30 — Prayers

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Sen. Sullivan calls on John Kerry to resign over betraying Israel to Iran • Senate Republicans step up pressure on Kerry to resign over alleged leak to Iran


81-13, Senate confirmed the nomination of Jason Scott Miller, of Maryland, to be Deputy Director for Management, Office of Management and Budget.

52-42, Senate confirmed the nomination of Janet Garvin McCabe, of Indiana, to be Deputy Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

49-45, Senate confirmed the nomination of Colin Hackett Kahl, of California, to be Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. • Controversial Biden Pentagon pick confirmed by Senate • Pentagon Nominee Criticized For Past Tweets Attacking Republicans


Mitch McConnell Takes to Senate Floor • Rips Biden’s First 100 Days In Office Before Joint Session Of Congress, Lists Policy Failures • accuses Biden of breaking promise to unify — Full Speech

68-26, Senate confirmed the nomination of Samantha Power, of Massachusetts, to be Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development. • Senate confirms former Obama official Samantha Power to lead USAID

52-42, Senate passed S.J.Res. 14; A joint resolution providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, of the rule submitted by the Environmental Protection Agency relating to “Oil and Natural Gas Sector: Emission Standards for New, Reconstructed, and Modified Sources Review”.

Senate declined to pass S. 1410, A bill to codify the temporary scheduling order for fentanyl-related substances by adding fentanyl-related substances to schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.

Senate declined to agree to S.Res. 185, A resolution requesting that the President transmit to the Senate documents relating to the Administration's discussions and plans to assess, mitigate, and prevent growing inflation.

Joint Session — Presidential Message

Biden calls on Congress to pass voting, elections reform bills • Media fawns over Biden's 'direct, conversational, under-stated' speech to Congress • First lady hosted virtual guests for Biden's address to Congress

‘No More Washington Schemes, Socialist Dreams’ — Tim Scott Delivers Republican Address After Biden’s Joint Session Of Congress • Fires Back After Left Hits Him with a Barrage of Racist Attacks Over Biden Rebuttal

Transition From Capitalism to Socialism: Sen. Jim Risch on Biden’s Speech to Congress


89-2, Senate passed S. 914, As Amended; A bill to amend the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to reauthorize programs under those Acts, and for other purposes.

Senate confirms ex-Sen. Nelson to NASA

Senate declines to pass S. 593, Alaska Tourism Recovery Act

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Congress Update

Daily Digests: M 4/19 • T 4/20 • W 4/21 • Th 4/22 — Prayers

Related Headlines:

Monday, 4/19

House votes to condemn Chinese government over Hong KongOngoing Suppression — H.Res. 130

House Passes Marijuana Banking Bill With Bipartisan Support — H.R. 1996

Tuesday, 4/20

Democrats adopting rule to limit Freedom Caucus delay tactics

House rejects GOP resolution to censure Waters over Remarks on Chauvin Trial — H.Res. 331, 216-210

54-45, Senate confirmed the nomination of Gary Gensler, of Maryland, to be a Member of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Senate Overwhelmingly Confirms Lisa Monaco To Be Deputy Attorney GeneralNo. 2 official at DOJ — 98-2

House Democrats Block Consideration Of Bipartisan Immigration BillH.R. 2321

Wednesday, 4/21

Schumer: US “must invest in the technologies of the future to outcompete China”

Senate confirms Vanita Gupta for No. 3 spot at Justice Department in narrow vote — 51-49

House votes to extend ban on fentanyl-like substances — H.R. 2630

Harris casts tiebreaking vote to advance Biden nominee — 50-50, Senate agreed to the nomination of the Motion to Discharge Colin Hackett Kahl to be Under Secretary of Defense for Policy from the Committee on Armed Services.

House Passes Another Democrat Attempt to Limit Executive Power for Issuing Travel Bans — H.R. 1333

Thursday, 4/22

House approves bill to make DC a state — H.R. 51

Senate declines to pass the CRUISE ActS. 1105

On the same day a House Member described the Senate filibuster as “a death grip on our democracy,” Senate Majority Leader Schumer (D-NY) was rejoicing in the abundance of bipartisan regular order in the Senate: “We are marking up bipartisan bills in committee and considering bipartisan amendments here on the floor. We have just seen this back process play out on the anti-Asian hate crimes bill this week, and next week we are going to follow it up with a water infrastructure bill that is also thoroughly bipartisan.”

Senate passes anti-Asian hate crimes bill — S. 937 — 94-1
• 49-48, Senate rejected Cruz Amdt. No. 1456; To prohibit Federal funding for any institution of higher education that discriminates against Asian Americans in recruitment, applicant review, or admissions.
• 49-48, Senate rejected Lee Amdt. No. 1425; To require a report on State restrictions on religious exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Linking abortion to climate change

Monday, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and 10 other Senators introduced the U.S. CLIMATE Act (S. 1201). Title VI of this legislation is the Women and Climate Change Act by Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI).

In Section 602, the bill finds, “(13) The ability of women to adapt to climate change is constrained by underlying gender inequality, including a lack of” “(C) access to financial resources, education, family planning, and reproductive healthcare services”, a legal euphemism for abortion.

In Section 605, the bill (a) establishes “in the Department of State the Federal Interagency Working Group on Women and Climate Change” which (d) functions to “(1) coordinate and integrate the development of all policies and activities of the Federal Government” including (5) “collection of data relevant to” “(E) access to comprehensive health care, including reproductive health”.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Congress Update

Daily Digests: M 4/12 • T 4/13 • W 4/14 • Th 4/15 • F 4/16 — Prayers

Tuesday, 4/13

82-15, Senate confirmed the nomination of Polly Ellen Trottenberg, of New York, to be Deputy Secretary of Transportation.

56-42, Senate confirmed the nomination of Wendy Ruth Sherman, of Maryland, to be Deputy Secretary of State.

Wednesday, 4/14

Biden SEC Pick Gary Gensler Confirmed to Police Wall Street — 53-45

Senate confirms Biden's pick to lead White House environmental council — 53-45

Anti-Asian hate crimes bill overcomes first Senate hurdle — 92-6

Senate declined to pass S. 1130, an election reform bill

House Majority Leader Hoyer recognized Capitol Police

Thursday, 4/15

House passes H.R. 7 to combat gender pay gap — 217-210

Pro-Life implications of the Paycheck Fairness Act, H.R. 7

Recognizing Israel: Rep. Manning, Rep. Schneider, Rep. Torres

49-34, Senate agreed to discharge the nomination of Vanita Gupta from the Committee on the Judiciary

Senate Republicans' letter outlines objections to the Vanita Gupta nomination
1. Her support for eliminating qualified immunity
2. Her support for decriminalizing all drugs
3. Her support for defunding the police
4. Her death penalty record

Friday, 4/16

House passes bill to prevent violence in health care workplaces — 254-166

Rep. Tenney introduced the Election Integrity Caucus

Friday, April 16, 2021

Pro-Life implications of the Paycheck Fairness Act, H.R. 7

Yesterday, April 15, the House of Representatives passed the Paycheck Fairness Act (H.R. 7) by a vote of 217-210. The bill was amended in Committee on March 24, 2021. The amended version contains pro-life concerns:

The bill would add to the Fair Labor Standards Act a definition of sex that can be argued to include abortion. The Committee on Education and Labor amended the bill to add to the Fair Labor Standards Act an expanded definition of sex that includes “pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition.” The term “related medical condition” has been identified by the courts and by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) as a coded reference to abortion.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Congress Update

Daily Digests: M 3/22 • T 3/23 • W 3/24 • Th 3/25 • F 3/26 — Prayers

Related Headlines:


US Senate Confirms Former Union Leader and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh as Biden's Labor secretary — 68-29


Vivek Murthy Confirmed by Senate as Surgeon General — 57-43

Senate Confirms Biden’s Deputy Budget Director Shalanda Young — 63-37


McConnell details the earliest history of the filibuster

Sen. Sasse spoke about how the filibuster allows for diversity

Senate confirms Levine for HHSconcerns remain over COVID-19 record — 52-48

Senate confirmed the nomination of David Turk, of Maryland, to be Deputy Secretary of Energy —  98-2

Sen. Sasse (R-NE) read a 2005 speech from then-Senator Biden (D-DE) on the filibuster.Original 2005 speech


Senate pays tribute to victims of mass shootings — Record

Senate passes extension of popular small-business loan program

The forgotten history of Sunday in America

Senate passes bill heading off Medicare cuts

Senate Approves Two More Months of PPP, With $79 Billion Left


The House agreed to concur in the Senate amendment to H.R. 1651, to amend the CARES Act to extend the sunset for the definition of a small business debtor.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

The forgotten history of Sunday in America

Senate Majority Leader Schumer spoke on the Senate floor yesterday about voting, and he said, “Our Republican Party has sunk so low that they have a Republican leader who is over in the Rules Committee defending these actions by State legislatures. I asked him and all the Republicans to give us a reason. Why did the Georgia Legislature only pick Sundays to say there should be no early voting on Sunday? We know why. It is because that is the day African Americans vote in the ‘souls to the polls’ operation, where they go from church to vote. It is despicable.”

It is true that African Americans go to church on Sunday. Many others also do the same.

It is also true that some states have allowed voting on Sunday.

Finally, it's true that Sunday in one instance is the same Sunday as the other. No contest there. The circumstances line up.

What does not line up is his ascribing of motivations behind these moves.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Congress Update

Daily Digests: M 3/15 • T 3/16 • W 3/17 • Th 3/18 • F 3/19 — Prayers

Related Headlines:

Senate Confirms Trojan Horse Picks For Biden’s Radical Energy Agenda

Senate confirms Biden's pick to lead Small Business Administration

Senate Confirms Katherine Tai as Biden’s Top Trade Envoy

Senate Confirms Xavier Becerra As HHS Secretary

Senate confirms former diplomat William Burns as CIA director

Haaland officially bids farewell to U.S. HouseFull Speech

‘Life-Changing’: Schumer Urges Biden To Pay Out $50,000 In Debt For StudentsFull Speech

No. 2 Senate Democrat torches filibusterFull Speech

Clyburn rails against Senate filibuster on House floorFull Speech

McConnell: If Democrats Eliminate Filibuster the Senate Will Be ‘100-Car Pileup’ • “Even the most basic aspects of our colleagues' agenda, the most mundane tasks of the Biden Presidency, would actually be harder—harder—not easier for Democrats in a post-nuclear Senate that is 50-50, dead even.” • Says with a post-nuclear Senate Republicans “wouldn't just erase every liberal change that hurt the country. We would strengthen America with all kinds of conservative policies, with zero—zero—input from the other side. How about this: nationwide right-to-work for working Americans; defunding (abortion provider) Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities on day one; a whole new era of domestic energy production; sweeping new protections for conscience and the right to life of the unborn; concealed-carry reciprocity in all 50 States and the District of Columbia; and massive hardening of the security on our southern border.” — Full Speech

Warnock uses first Senate floor speech to urge Congress to pass voting rights legislationFull Speech

House Democrats Block Bill Requiring Testing Illegal Immigrants for COVIDMiller-Meeks floor speech

House Extends Small-Business Rescue, With $93 Billion Still LeftH.R. 1799

House passes bill reviving the Equal Rights AmendmentWould Create “Right” to Kill Babies in AbortionsRepublicans quote Ruth Bader Ginsburg on ERAH.J.Res. 17

House Reauthorizes Violence Against Women Act bill has new gun restrictions and transgender provisionsH.R. 1620 — The connection between the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act and abortion

Congress honors Capitol Police with Congressional Gold MedalsH.R. 1085

Republican Study Committee Members spoke about the “self-inflicted crisis” on the southern border

McConnell: Pelosi trying to 'overturn a state-certified election' in IowaFull Speech

House Democrats Reject Removing Swalwell From Intelligence Committee Over Ties To Chinese SpyH.Res.243

House Passes 2 Immigration Bills As Border Crisis Intensifieswould give 3M 'Dreamers' and farmworkers pathway to citizenshipH.R. 6, H.R. 1603

The connection between the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act and abortion

Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1620, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2021 (VAWA), by a vote of 244-172.

VAWA has been a consistent funding stream for abortion provider Planned Parenthood through Services, Training, Officers, and Prosecutors (STOP) grants (Title I, Sec. 101 of H.R. 1620). A GAO report published in March 2018 showed the abortion provider received $340,000 in funding through these grants over a three-year period (2013-2015).

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Congress Update

Daily Digests: M 3/8 • T 3/9 • W 3/10 • Th 3/11 • F 3/12 — Prayers

Related Headlines:

Senate Confirms Merrick Garland As Biden’s Attorney General • 20 Senate Republicans Join Democrats

Senate Confirms Marcia Fudge As Housing and Urban Development Secretary

Senate Confirms Michael Regan To Lead EPA

Senate Republicans Put Hold On Haaland’s Nomination For Interior Secretary • Schumer moves to break GOP holds on Haaland

Schumer moves to bring up Becerra's nomination after committee tie

57 Republicans take to House floor in push to reopen schools

House Passes Partisan Pro-Union Bill Decried By Business Groups. Here’s What’s In It (H.R. 842) • Imposes a version of California’s job-killing law Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) on the entire nation • Puts 57 Million Jobs in Jeopardy

House chaplain criticizes lawmakers during prayer over failure to unite against pandemic (Prayer) • Sounded more contrite later in the week, citing Psalm 19 (Prayer)

House Passes $1.9 Trillion COVD-19 Relief Bill (H.R. 1319) • No Republicans support

Pro-Life implications of Senate changes to the American Rescue Plan (H.R. 1319)Bill Makes Americans Fund AbortionsFunding ‘Unprecedented’abortion industry ‘slush fund’ • undermines retirement plans • How Much of Biden’s $1.9T ‘Rescue Plan’ Actually Combats the Virus • Joe Biden Signs COVID Bill With the Greatest Expansion of Abortion Funding in a Decade

House Passes Two Gun Control Bills To Delay Gun Sales, Create National Gun RegistryH.R. 8, H.R. 1446

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